More Judicial Stupidity

A judge in Baltimore Country Maryland has gone against a century of forensic science and ruled that fingerprint evidence is not reliable enough to use in a homicide case.

A Baltimore County judge has ruled that fingerprint evidence, a mainstay of forensics for nearly a century, is not reliable enough to be used against a homicide defendant facing a possible death sentence – a finding that national experts described yesterday as unprecedented and potentially far-reaching. Baltimore Sun

I know this judge based this ruling on a case that involved a mistake based on fingerprints but there have been countless cases where fingerprints were used to appropriately identify the criminal. Certainly the fingerprints in this case should have been allowed to be presented along with the rest of the evidence. This just makes no sense.

What will happen if there is a mistake made with DNA evidence? Will we then have judges throwing out DNA a evidence because of one case? This judge, Susan M. Souder, has made a gross mistake and she is either a moron or needs to be removed from the bench. It is bad enough we have judges legislating from the bench but when they get into deciding the validity of a science that has been used for 100 years they have really gone too far.

What kind of world is it where judges ignore 100 year old science and little mention is made but junk science like global warming gets all the press?

Big Dog

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5 Responses to “More Judicial Stupidity”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    This judge is an absolute moron. What kind of experience does she have in forensic science that qualifies her to make this bile come out of her mouth? Like all left wing nuts that run out and start spewing crap and expect everyone to believe it. Is the defendant a son or nephew of hers? She needs to be removed from her job, and I use the term loosely as she has demostrated her lack of intellengent’s to do that job.

  2. Adam says:

    Who says this is a left wing nut?

    This is an interesting piece of news. I was reading more about it from some legal bloggers here. It’s their opinion that her decision is “nonsensical” as well.

  3. GMFrank says:

    Hey B.D.

    Stop trying to cloud issues with the truth. If Al Gore can ignor scientific facts, why can’t the Judicial dept?


  4. Mimi says:

    This is not unusual. Criminals have rights, but civil litigants do not, even if the damage to the civil litigant will result in death. Criminals have free legal help, civil litigants do not. Criminals can file for free, most civil litigants can not. ( there is a lot of free stuff for famiy law though )
    The American Bar Association is running this country, just try taking a lawyer to court for criminal activity, fraud, sexual harassment, ect. Just try taking Dow Chemicals lawyers to court for violating state rule with a prosecutable crime -stare decisis – literally means “what has come before” Someone should appeal this decision, it goes against even SCOTUS precedent. I am appalled !

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