More Indoctrination Of Our Children

A teacher in Virginia gave students an interesting assignment. They were to research political candidates and find things that opponents could use against them during a campaign. The students were assigned to do what is known as opposition research. The teacher did not tell them what to look for or where to find any information, just to find items that could be used against political opponents.

So far this sounds like an interesting assignment. It would be a great exercise for the students and they could develop their research skills at the same time. They would learn what opposition research is and how the information could be used and they would also learn how campaigns conduct such research.

If that had been the assignment then things might have been great. The problem is the teacher only assigned them the task of finding information on the Republican candidates seeking the nomination to run against Barack Obama. That’s right, the teacher divided the classroom into four groups and each group was assigned a Republican candidate to research.

While this is problematic it might still be manageable. The teacher could claim that since the four Republicans were running against each other the students could be conducting opposition research for one of the Republicans to use against the others. It would be an issue because it would expose the students to negative items about the Republicans but not to the current occupant of the White House but it could still get a pass depending on how it was presented.

The problem arises in the fact that the teacher not only failed to assign a group to do opposition research on Barack Obama but also instructed the students to write up the opposition research and to send it to the Obama campaign.

Some parents complained about the activity and the school quickly came to the teacher’s defense claiming that the instructions never included mailing the information out. The claim is that the students were to produce an address where they would actually mail it (you know, if they were really going to, wink, wink).

This does not square with what students told parents. It also presents a problem in and of itself. What is to stop the teacher from taking the student’s work and mailing it to the Obama campaign?

While I think the original idea could have had merit the teacher’s actions demonstrate that the information cannot be entrusted to his care. He could claim the students will not send it off and then do so himself.

This needs to be shut down OR they need to select four historical candidates and research them instead.

The schools are indoctrination machines for the federal government and the progressives in it.

We must remain vigilant if we do not want our children brainwashed by the collective on the left.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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4 Responses to “More Indoctrination Of Our Children”

  1. Eoj Trahnier says:

    While I agree it is a terrible thing, let’s not blame “The School.” It was a person who did the deed, not a building and not even an institution.
    As with child pornography, there should be a zero-tolerance for teachers ~the individual teacher~ who do these things. Be it direct child pornography, directly introducing kids to homosexual lifestyles, or directly introducing them to failed liberal social policy and promoting it as “a great thing,” it simply should not be America schools. That is pure propaganda.
    If they can ban cigarettes, drink and drugs, all proven harmful, then it should be easy to prove that more people have been killed, maimed and left in poverty because of liberalism than ALL these banned items combined.

  2. victoria says:

    Kids would probably do a better job of vetting Obama than anyone else has done.