More Hatred From The Left

A man was preparing to go for a run when he noticed his car had been vandalized. Frank Armstrong found that his Lexus, which was adorned with a McCain/Palin sticker (as well as a Nobama sticker), had received about $5000 worth of damage that was obviously caused by a deranged moonbat.

The car had obscenities and the letters “KKK” etched into the paint, cigarette burns on the car and the criminals might have urinated on it.

How do I know it was a left wing moonbat?

A burned American Flag was found on the hood of the car.

This is not surprising since there are always these kinds of left wing attacks just before elections. If Obama wins his worshipers will become even more brazen. The period just after the election will be a very dangerous one.

That reminds me, I need to pick up some more ammo.

I hope they find the people who did this so they can go to jail. Then maybe they will lose their right to vote…

Big Dog

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11 Responses to “More Hatred From The Left”

  1. bj1 says:

    A Trivia question in Sunday School: How
    long is the beast allowed to have authority in Revelations?
    Revelations Chapter 13 tells us it is 42 months, and you know what
    that is. Almost a four-year term of a Presidency.
    According to The Book of Revelations:
    The anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40’s, of
    MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive
    language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal….the prophecy says
    that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and
    world peace and when he is in power, will destroy everything.. Do we
    recognize this description??
    I STRONGLY URGE each one of you to
    post this as many times as you can! Each opportunity that you have to
    send it to a friend or media it! I refuse to take a
    chance on this unknown candidate who came out of nowhere.
    Listening to a news
    program last night, I watched in horror as Barack Obama made the
    statement with pride. . .”we are no longer a Christian nation; we are
    now a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, . . ” As with
    so many other statements I’ve heard him (and his wife) make, I never
    thought I’d see the day that I’d hear something like that from a
    presidential candidate in this nation. To think our forefathers
    fought and died for the right for our nation to be a Christian nation.
    Please pray for our nation. (Part of a comment by Dr. John Tisdale) I firmly believe the statement above. God help us all if this man is elected.bj1

  2. Adam says:

    We have been a majority Christian nation and always will be of course but our forefathers were hardly Christians and they sure didn’t set up a Christian nation. You need to be on meds if you think Obama is the anti-Christ. You’re about as nutty as those folks who allege 9/11 was an inside job…

  3. Victoria says:

    We have been a majority Christian nation and always will be of course but our forefathers were hardly Christians and they sure didn’t set up a Christian nation.

    Go to and read. Our forefathers were Christians and they most certainly set up a Christian nation. How dare you get on here and lie about this to people. It was God along with our founding fathers who set up this nation and has given us all the freedoms that we now enjoy. And just for your further information, those of you who put down the abortion issue–it is the #1 issue. Do you think God looking down on a nation that kills it’s unborn in the womb deserves to remain living in freedom and prosperity? We have illegals pouring in, we have islamofascists flying into buildings and threatening more, we have major businesses going bankrupt, and we have idiot Democrats in congress spending like drunken sailors, and we have a whole host of people who are fighting to get an inexperienced, radical, and deceptive individual elected to the presidency because he is eloquent and smooth talking and looks good and because we need our horrible image healed with dictators of other nations. And no I don’t think Obama is the anti-christ but we are living in the end times, read the bible and the US is not referred to in end time prophecy. There could be many reasons for that but if we were still the major super power in the world that we have been then you’d think it would be in some way referred to. So go take that and chew on it and say whatever about me but it won’t change things.

  4. Adam says:


    I went to the site but maybe you can direct me to a more specific page to show what you’re talking about.

    It isn’t to say the founders were not religious or spiritual. Most were indeed men of great faith. But Christian? Again, I say hardly. Religion is only mentioned in the constitution twice and that is in the 1st Amendment and the part about not allowing a religious test for public office. No mention of Christianity or of Jesus himself can be found there.

    You may find references to Nature’s God in the declaration which of course is because Thomas Jefferson had Diest viewpoints at the time.

    I’m sure there may be a couple of founders who were Christian but the ones we tend to elevate above the rest (Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, etc.) were not what you would consider a Christian.

    One thing I wonder about is that most illegal immigrants are Christians. Shouldn’t you think better of them?

  5. Barbara says:

    I do not believe that Obama is the anti-christ, but due believe if he gets in that he will take us into the one world system, the one world money and socialism, which will set it up for the anti-christ. It is unbelievable that people cannot see the lies that Obama has told.

  6. Adam says:

    It would take a nation of morons to let one man from 1 part of our government break down the it and the other 2 pieces of our government to all become part of a one world system. Even with the disgraceful public education and the tabloid media we have in this country I don’t see us at a state where the president could do such a thing.

  7. Big Dog says:

    Well, according to you we have half a nation of morons who voted for Bush and according to me we have half a nation of morons who voted for Clinton. Our two halves make a whole nation of morons.

    That one man would be able to do it if he had large enough majorities in each chamber of Congress…

  8. Adam says:

    You act as if majority means ultimate power for anyone. Republicans had control of everything and they still couldn’t pass some things they wanted. They couldn’t get a marriage amendment, they couldn’t touch Roe v. Wade, etc.

    I think our form of government is pretty safe from any crazy one world governments or new world orders or whatever it is the tin foil hat wearing crowd is onto this week. In the mainstream we disagree on general policy, spending, etc., but we’re pretty united in general about the direction of the country. You decry liberals as anti-gun, anti-religion and other stuff but I come from an area where there are as many gun toting, bible thumping Democrats as there are conservatives, if not more. You wouldn’t be the only one gathering ammo if our leaders tried to pull some BS like that.

    To say or think otherwise is contrary to the reality in this country, in my opinion…

  9. Big Dog says:

    No, a simple majority does not mean ultimate power but a super majority most certainly gives ultimate power to a party. One only needs to look to Maryland where they have a veto proof majority. Anything the governor wants, he gets (as long as he is a Democrat) and there is nothing that can be done about it.

    If the Republicans had numbers that the Democrats expect to get then they could have passed those items.

    I have no doubt there are Democrats as you described, I have met many of them. most are moderates (what they called Reagan Democrats) and they hold a pretty decent view of the country. You are confusing Democrat with Liberal and they are no way the same thing just as Republican does not necessarily mean Conservative.

    If the people I have met from where you hail (remember I spend time there) are like the ones i know they won’t need to gather ammo, they already have it…

  10. Big Dog says:

    Let me correct, they could not have changed Roe v Wade because that has been ruled on by the SCOTUS. I think only a court action can change that ruling which is why states put it on ballots so they will have standing to challenge it in court.

    And, most liberals are anti gun (note, I said liberals). Obama is most definitely opposed to private gun ownership and he would ban them. his words and his actions, not mine.

  11. Adam says:

    There’s a canyon between being anti-gun and believing the 2nd amendment doesn’t mean you can carry any gun anywhere any time. I haven’t seen anything credible to make be believe Obama opposes private gun ownership, only that he supports restrictions like most folks. Maybe you can clue me in…