More Gun Companies Need To Step Up To Oppose Tyranny

A number of firearms manufacturers have publicly stated their policies will be to sell to law enforcement agencies and state governments only the kinds of firearms that citizens in those states can buy. Some companies have indicated they will not sell any firearms to the government agencies in those states.

This is a step in the right direction. The companies listed here are taking a stance against oppressive government and are supporting the PEOPLE in this nation who are being run over by tyrants in government.

Other companies, the big boys of the industry, need to step up and take a stand against this tyranny as well. I realize that many are taking a wait and see posture and that some are probably more than willing to sell to governments and fill the void created by those who refuse BUT the people are watching and many gun owners will not buy from those who support tyranny over freedom.

We will boycott those who refuse to boycott the tyrants.

If those companies really want to make an impact they need to leave states that are enacting unconstitutional laws for states that are more firearms friendly. Many states would love to have companies that produce firearms and accessories and would offer attractive incentives to relocate.

Magpul Industries (manufacturer of polymer accessories) has indicated that it will leave Colorado if proposed anti gun legislation becomes law even if there are exceptions for the company because it will not produce items in a state that would prohibit people in the state from buying them. Good for them. This is what integrity is all about and if this company holds true it will gain even more customers.

Beretta USA in Maryland has indicated it will move its company out of the state if Maryland enacts anti gun laws (laws even more stringent than the unconstitutional laws in effect). Lawmakers think the company is bluffing but it has shown in the past that it does not bluff. It moved part of its operation in the past because of Maryland’s freedom killing laws.

All companies involved in the firearms industry need to boycott states that are enacting anti gun laws and they need to move to friendlier confines. The public will support them and they will prosper.

These companies also need to consider how they will respond if the federal government enacts unconstitutional laws.

Think about how things would work out if the feds could not get the very firearms the government banned for the people (THE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN CHARGE). Think about how things would pan out if an entire industry stood up to the tyrants at all levels of government.

Imagine the blow to the tyrants if they could not get the firearms (or accessories) they want to use to control the people.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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One Response to “More Gun Companies Need To Step Up To Oppose Tyranny”

  1. Blake says:

    BD- Have them all move to Texas- I guarantee you that Texas would be the last State O’Mammy would F@#k with- blue helmets in a neighborhood would be like kicking over an anthill. People would pour out of their homes, ready to put down a few frenchies and anyone else foolish enough to join- (Oh God, let there be a few black panthers among them.)