More Government Lies and Doublespeak

It’s so easy to bring up Orwell’s 1984 — but then again, it’s quite well known and incredibly accurate. These days, it is seriously hard to find any statement made by any government agency at any level that is actually truthful. Oh sure, those making the statements, and those who continue to defend the government and state at all costs (liberals, major media outlets, Democrats, socialists, etc.) will claim they’re telling the truth. And heck, since these groups define words to mean whatever they want them to mean at the moment, they actually believe they’re being honest — it is Orwell’s world.

After all, if a country’s leader directs the country’s armed forces to use their military power and might to attack and kill you, what would you consider that? If Ireland’s prime minister issued an order that Irish tanks should go into England and blow up Parliament, what is that? If the supreme leader of Iran gives instructions for Iran’s Navy to head down to South Africa and start firing missiles into buildings in South Africa, what sort of action would that be? If Germany sent soldiers into Poland to shoot and kill members of the Polish government, would that be a peaceful action?

Well, according to the United States government, when Obama issues orders to the US Air Force to send planes into a foreign country and drop bombs on the government of that country, that’s not war. In fact, I’m sure they would consider it a “peaceful” act, because they claim it’s in everyone’s best interest.

Gee, I wonder if I could hire some people to go throw grenades into the White House and claim it wasn’t a violent act.

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One Response to “More Government Lies and Doublespeak”

  1. Eoj Trahneir says:

    How much are you offering, dude? I could use a good job with a moral value included in the description. It would look great on my resume.