More Government Equals Less Crime?

An 82 year old woman with a 21 page rap sheet dating back to the 1950s has been arrested for burglary. Doris Thompson was arrested recently on suspicion of burglary involving a number of doctor’s offices. She allegedly hid in the offices until they closed for the evening and then stole cash. She was seen on several surveillance cameras.

Thompson, who has been in jail nine times and has at least 25 aliases, had an interesting reason for stealing what belonged to others. She said; “wouldn’t do all this nonsense if the government gave us more money.”

There it is ladies and gentlemen. If government gave her more money she would not have to steal it. Hell, I guess we can steal gasoline until the stations give us gas. Or perhaps we can all steal groceries because we would not have to if the grocers would just give us food.

This mindset is the result of progressive policies over the past century. These policies have broken up traditional families and fostered dependence on government. People who are dependent on government no longer have initiative to go out and earn. They no longer take responsibility for their actions and they expect to be taken care of by big daddy government.

We saw this during Katrina when large numbers of people were unable to accomplish the most basic things necessary to ensure they were safe. People were standing in knee deep water looking at land a mere 50 feet away and instead of moving toward dry land they looked around for help. They looked for help because the ability to help themselves has been removed from their minds by intrusive government and policies of dependence.

Thomson has been stealing from people for nearly 60 years and has gone to jail a number of times. She has not learned and after being caught this time she refuses to take responsibility for her actions. To her, it is the fault of government because it should give her more money.

Progressive polices suck the life out of people and as a result suck the life out of our nation.

People like Thompson are the followers of progressive politicians and their government will take care of you policies.

If Barack Obama had an auntie Doris she would look just like Ms. Thompson…

CBS Los Angeles

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One Response to “More Government Equals Less Crime?”

  1. Blake says:

    While not all Democrats are criminals, all criminals appear to be democrats- just based on my observations, of course- I am sure a Dem will rise up and defend criminals from the slander of being called Democrats. Martin O’Malley is one who talks out of both sides of his mouth- if he does try to be honest, as he was the other day, by saying No, people weren’t better off now than four years ago, he gets slapped down, or “Bookered” as the saying goes.
    Dems are the party of dishonesty and outright lies, not to mention that some of them eat dog.
    Does Barry and Michelle go shopping at the SPCA?
    Inquiring minds want to know.