More Good Second Amendment News

A federal appeals court refused to hear the appeal on the ruling overturning DC’s unconstitutional ban on guns. The appeals court refusal sets the stage for this to be heard by the Supreme Court:

The judges ruled that the city can’t prevent people from keeping handguns in their homes or require that that registered firearms be kept unloaded and disassembled.

The decision sets up a potential Second Amendment showdown in the Supreme Court. The city has 90 days to file a petition for review. An attorney for the six plaintiffs says arguments could come as son as this winter if the high court agrees to hear the case. WBAL Radio

This is big news and only affirms that the Second Amendment applies to the people, not to the militia. It is also important because it gives a chance for the Supreme Court to finally rule on the matter.

If the SCOTUS agrees with the ruling, how many members from the left side of Congress will try to undermine it? I wonder if the next Democrat in office will try to change it. I wonder because the Democrats are quick to point to the idea of stare decisis when they are grilling a nominee about his position on abortion.

It is amazing that Liberals will fight tooth and nail to keep abortion, an item that is not mentioned in the Constitution and then fight just as hard to take away our right to guns, an item clearly enumerated in the Constitution.

I hope we can get a ruling that will put an end to the assault on our rights by Handgun Control Inc, the Brady Campaign and others who would disarm us in violation of our rights.

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One Response to “More Good Second Amendment News”

  1. Roy Lofquist says:

    This is, in fact, the only opinion ever issued by the federal courts that addresses the individual vs. militia interpretation of the Second Amendment. In that respect, it is HUGE. It is original precedent. No wiggle room. No “Justice X in his dissent in A v B said that..”. This is the last wording in the Constitution to be litigated.