More Good News From Iraq

Just some good news from Iraq to go along with the unbalanced stories found in the daily MSM. War is ugly and people die. We killed seven kids in a strike that took out terrorists. Had we known that the kids were there we would have let the terrorists live in order to avoid injuring children. This is what makes us very different from the enemy. They are happy to kill their children in the name of Allah and we go out of our way to avoid involving innocent people. On with the good news:

On the issue of children, US and Iraqi forces came upon orphans who had been tied to beds for a long time and were starving. These kids had flies in their mouths, noses and ears and the flies were eating the open wounds on the kids. The Americans and Iraqis rescued these kids and gave them the care they needed. They will probably make a good recovery.

CBS News (can you believe it)

The final group of troops who are part of the surge arrived in Iraq and commanders have been taking advantage of those numbers to root out terrorists (the news calls them insurgents).

WBAL (from the AP)

A bunch of Iranian weapons were intercepted on their way to Taliban (OK technically, this one deals mostly with Afghanistan).

Fox News

Just a couple of items to balance out the news.

Big Dog

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7 Responses to “More Good News From Iraq”

  1. Billy Joe says:

    Hi BD,

    That CBS story (goddamn liberal media!) is pretty horrific, but it’s good that the kids were saved. I wonder if it’s an example of the US basically unleashing a fire throughout Iraq when we invaded and then putting out the fire in one building and calling it a “success”? Or maybe the orphanage was always a front for black market food selling, even under Saddam? I suppose we may never know…

    On a semi-serious, semi-joking note, are we supposed to care about Iraqi orphans? I thought you said Muslim Arabs were all animals & terrorists. I have difficulty keeping it all straight sometimes.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Your comment posted twice so I deleted the second one.

    They are children. They do not know to hate until they are taught to hate and no child should be treated this way. These children deserve to grow up in peace and live happy safe lives. They do not deserve this fate and they do not deserve to have bombs strapped to them and detonated to kill others.

    Children should grow to take their own decisions. I would hope that you know I was talking about adults, those who can decide for themselves how to live their lives.

    Many kids grow up to be wonderful people if they do not have the bad influences of Islam corrupting their minds.

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  4. Billy Joe says:

    I was almost with you and then I read the last paragraph. So the bad influence of Islam, a religion with 1,000,000,000 followers corrupts their minds?

    What do you suppose we could do to remedy that situation? Maybe Ann Coulter could open an orphanage in Iraq and go over to convert the children to Christianity? I’m sure the Muslims would be just as happy as Americans would be if some famous, anti-American Muslim came to America and converted Christian children to Islam…

    somehow I don’t think it would work and I’m left wondering what the solution is?

  5. Big Dog says:

    Sorry, but Islam is a religion that teaches hatred. It has a goal of converting or killing and that is in the Koran.

    I don’t think we should convert Muslims to Christianity, I think Muslims should stop trying to impose their religion on the rest of the world.

    When was the last time Christians captured reporters and made them convert to Christianity?

    Islam has fewer followers than Christianity but I don’t see Christians forcing people to convert and Christians do not use violence to impose their religion. Of course there are a few idiots who blow up abortion clinics but this is not representative of the religion. When the bulk of what we know about Islam comes from the images we see of them blowing themselves and others up, then that is what they are. Until the ones who are not violent stand up and handle those who are, this is the face of Islam.

    I believe all religions can live together in peace as many have. Islam is intent on destroying the Jews and the followers of the cross. That is how they raise their kids…

  6. Billy Joe says:

    Don’t Christians try to convert non-Christians? Have you ever been visited by a door-to-door Muslim proseletyzer (sp?)? I doubt it because my understanding is that Muslims don’t do it. Christians are *supposed* to convert people which is why they go on missions and why you’ve probably had a good number visit your home, like the rest of us.

    If the only image you have of Muslims is that of killing people and killing Jews, etc., maybe you should try turning off the TV? Even Bush says the great majority of Muslims are peaceful. Many of those who aren’t are actually trying to overthrow their own dictatorial governments (that we support), like Saudi Arabia, Egypt & Pakistan. Indonesia, Turkey, Jordan, etc. don’t appear to be dominated by fanatics though their governments are less oppressive, too.

    I wonder if there is a corelation between the level of oppressiveness of a government and the # of radicals one would find in that country? I bet there is. And I don’t think it’s because of their religion. I think it’s because people don’t like having a government oppress them, or, say, stealing their water as Israel does to the Palestinians.

  7. Big Dog says:

    Christians preach the word of Jesus and if people want to convert that is fine. I mostly get Mormons at my door or Baptists asking me to attend their church. I do know that Christians do not kill you if you fail to convert.

    Yeah, those nasty Jews taking the Palestinian’s water. Perhaps if the Muslims quit taking Israel’s land they might could work something out. The Jews have been most helpful and compassionate in that region. I would cut off water too if people kept lobbing rockets into my country.

    As for the people, they are oppressed BECAUSE OF THEIR RELIGION. Their leaders use the government to enforce religious law (Sharia). The government is oppressive because the religion is oppressive.

    I know there are many Muslims who would love to live and let live but their religion teaches conversion by force (and since when do you listen to anything Bush says). I have heard the words of the Imams…