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I enjoy listening to Michelle Malkin and reading her work so I picked up her book last night and started reading it this evening. I have only read the first few chapters of Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild but so far it is interesting reading. Early on Michelle talks about how liberals wrote really nasty things about Republicans who had taken ill and she has examples including very sick writings from people who were overjoyed at the death of Ronald Reagan. In contrast, Republican bloggers wrote wishing President Clinton a speedy recovery and said they would keep him in their prayers when he went in for heart surgery.

I thought it interesting that after I started reading this book I found another example of, as Michelle might say, liberals coming unhinged. There is an article at informing us that the Washington Post had to shut down its blog because they could not keep up with the nasty comments by liberal bloggers. What was the Post’s offense? They informed readers that members from both parties had taken Abramoff money. That was all and the left came unhinged. They probably have not paid attention to the news and are now realizing that their euphoric dreams of crushing the Republicans under the weight of a scandal will come at a cost to some of their own.

As Michelle points out in her book, there is a big difference between the left and right. I have read several conservative blogs and most of them are saying that whomever is involved should be prosecuted. I have blogged (here and here)several times that it does not make any difference to me what party the perpetrators are from, if they did something wrong they should be held accountable. I realize that some of the contributions, to members of both parties, are probably legal and there were no strings attached but the ones that do not fit that mold need to be investigated and any wrongdoing prosecuted.

This is the difference Unhinged exposes. Conservatives want the rule of law and liberals want to be exempt from the law. We see the crime and chide all participants, they are informed that some of their guys are involved and they become so nasty that a major newspaper, and a liberal one at that, has to shut down its blog.

Michelle, if you ever write an Unhinged II, start it off with this fine example of liberals coming uncorked.


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One Response to “More Fuel For Malkin”

  1. Jo says:

    Hubby gave me her book for Christmas and we both read it. Made me sick in spots actually — these people clearly need professional help.