More Free Countries, How Can It Be?

With all the talk about the war in Iraq, part of the war on terror, and how it is fueling more terrorism one would think that it is unlikely freedom would spread. Listening to the left would lead anyone not paying attention to the conclusion that our fight against terrorism has made more people slaves to oppressive regimes and has the opposite of the intended effect, the spread of freedom.

Amazingly, there are more free countries now free, as a matter of fact the number sets a new record. There are now 122 electoral democracies around the world. This number despite the allegations from the left to the contrary!

Freedom House listed 89 countries as “free,” meaning that 46 percent of the world’s population now enjoy a climate of respect for civil liberties.

Another 58 countries were judged “partly free,” while the number of countries considered “not free” declined from 49 in 2004 to 45 this year, the lowest number in over a decade.

Ukraine and Indonesia saw their ratings go up from “partly free” to “free” while Afghanistan, which inaugurated its new parliament Monday, moved from “not free” to “partly free.” Also rising to the “partly free” ranking was Kyrgyzstan.

It is hard to say why this is happening when the “wisdom” from the left tells us it can not. Perhaps nations are seeing the benefits of freedom and are opting to give it a try. No matter what the reason, this is good news for the nation and for the world. If we could only convince the moonbats that things are going well.


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