More Evidence Of Louisiana Ineptitude

Since hurricane Katrina we have been hearing the Democrats drone on about how slow the federal response was. Despite the fact that the federal government is not an emergency force and has 72 hours to respond, the moonbats still harp about the slow response. As I pointed out in the past, the donks fail to recognize that local leadership failed its people and some of the people themselves contributed to the problem by refusing to leave. You will hear about Katrina again tonight when the Democrats respond to the State of the Union Address.

Now we have word that the Louisiana Health and human Services turned down an offer of help from the feds prior to the hurricane’s arrival. Once again, a local official took a disastrous decision and people’s lives were placed at risk. Nagin and Blanco were inept and from the action of the HHS official, it would appear the ineptitude runs very deep in that state.


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