More Crime In Wisconsin

The Governor of the state of Wisconsin ran on a platform of getting the state budget under control and he has begun to do so. One of the things he is working on is to have teachers pay more of their benefits. The union member teachers in Wisconsin pay nearly nothing for retirement and not much more than that for their very good health care plan. The governor wants them to pay a bit more and that bit more still amounts to about half of what private sector employees pay.

This request from the governor has not been well received by the teachers and the union thugs. Throw in a smattering of race baiting poverty pimps and you have one hell of a mess. The teachers called out sick forcing the schools to close. These “sick” teachers then went to the capitol and protested.

This is crime number one. They called out sick and were not sick. They should not be paid for the days they were out sick and in the real world they would be fired.

This led to crime number two. Doctors showed up at the protests and started handing out notes excusing the people from work. These doctors did not examine anyone and it is unlikely a record of the “visit” was generated. The doctors are writing notes excusing people from work when those doctors did not examine them (in any meaningful medical way). This is a crime and it would be fitting if the doctors had their licenses revoked for fraudulent behavior.

Crime number three (which actually came earlier than the doctor crime) is that Democrat lawmakers left the state to avoid voting on the issue. The governor wants to remove collective bargaining for public employees allowing them only the ability to negotiate salary and the Democrats want nothing to do with it.

This seems reasonable and it is more than reasonable to expect these teachers to pay more for their benefits. I always hear Democrats cry about people paying their fair share. Let some rich guy get a tax break and he is not paying his fair share (even though the rich pay most of the taxes) but let Wisconsin teachers pay almost nothing for their benefits (which means TAXPAYERS foot the bill) and Democrats line up to defend them.

My friend Don Surber had an interesting item in his Daily Scoreboard:

12. From Fox News: “If changes aren’t made to the benefit contributions paid by Wisconsin’s nearly 300,000 public sector employees, about 10,000-12,000 workers will lose their jobs, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker warned Sunday.”

Looks like that many walked away from their jobs last week. Fire them and balance the budget.

This is a very astute observation. The union must agree to changes to benefit compensation or 10-12 thousand workers will have to be fired to make up the shortfall. The union is not interested in changing benefit compensation. About 10-12 thousand teachers walked off the job to protest after fraudulently calling out sick. Fire them and balance the budget and then work on raising how much public sector employees have to pay for benefits.

This whole crime ridden issue is backfiring on Democrats. They thought they had a lot of support but the cowardly Democrat politicians turned tail and ran while the Republicans stayed and tried to conduct business and they did so at great peril because angry union thugs bused in by the unions were causing problems and trying to intimidate people.

In the world of American media the Tea Party folks, who have never been violent, are accused of all kinds of violence but the violent left is not taken to task for its demonstrable acts of violence and intimidation.

The people of Wisconsin elected Republicans because they wanted these kinds of reforms. Now it is time for the people of the state to stand up to the violent left. The people, the ones who pay the bills, need to demand that those teachers who called out sick be fired. People should consider a tax revolt if the teachers are paid for their crime.

The people should also consider moving their children to private schools. The investment in their children’s future is well worth the money it costs. Considering some of the signs at the protests it is no wonder our children are not well educated. If teachers can’t spell or use words correctly then how can we expect the children they teach to do so.

Voters should remember those Democrats who ran away from their jobs and refused to do the work they were elected to accomplish. Recall them now or vote them out in the next election.

Finally, the people should see what doctors wrote the fake notes excusing protesters from work and never go to them or switch if they are their doctors.

One final thought. The left always says it is about the children but this is not about the children, it is about the teachers and their compensation (actually, their lucrative benefits package) and nothing more. These teachers called out sick and protested because they did not like something that affected them. This was not about the children.

But what lesson did these teachers teach their students? If you do not like something then refuse to do your work, lie about it and then protest until you get what you want.

So what happens the next time a teacher decides to have a test and the students in the class decide they do not want to take it? What happens if they all call out sick and then show up at school and protest the teacher? What happens if they have fake doctor notes to excuse them? No teacher has any authority to do anything to prevent such a situation because this is what they showed the students to do…

It is people like these teachers, these cowardly politicians, the doctors writing notes and the complacent media (along with the race baiting poverty pimps) that someone had in mind when the final syllable was added to the name of the state…

Do you suppose that Keith Olbermann would wonder where the black faces in the crowd were as he did during Tea Party rallies (they were there but the MSM ignored them)? Well, Jesse Jackson was there…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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6 Responses to “More Crime In Wisconsin”

  1. victoria says:

    Just as an aside–remember all the accusations about crosshairs, etc. etc.

    • Blake says:

      Just another hypocritical example of”Do as I say, not as I do” from the socilists- They want us to play by “Marquis of Queensbury” rules, while their blows never stray ABOVE the belt.

  2. Ogre says:

    I love Governor Scott Walker:

    “For us, this is about balancing the budget. We’ve got a $3.6 billion budget deficit. We are broke. Just like nearly every other state across the country, we’re broke. It’s about time somebody stood up and told the truth.”

  3. Blake says:

    Striking teachers in WI are the BEST argument for home-schooling your students- in addition to being greedy, they are incompetent- otherwise they would have realized that the negotiating rights they are being asked to “give up” are NOT about pay hikes, but just about their freebie pensions and healthcare- both of which the REAL working people of WI are shouldering.
    Asking the union people to pay their FAIR SHARE (more than a paltry.2%) is not much of a sacrifice, and just how idiotic these unions are-
    Don’t they know that in this environment, if they stepped up and said that, yes, in this day and age they recognized the need to pay morre, then they would come out of this smelling like heroes- instead of skunks.

  4. Ogre says:

    There’s so many good reasons to homeschool!

    And yes, the unions are about money. They’re ALWAYS about money, period.

  5. Blake says:

    Would YOU feel safe putting your life in the hands of Doctors who are liars and deceivers?
    Not me- I want someone I can trust if my life’s on the line.