More Clinton Socialism; Hold Your Wallets

It is beyond me why Democrats think it is perfectly OK to take money from rich people and give it to poor people. The Maryland Governor (a Clinton backer) is looking to change taxes in Maryland and saddle the rich with a higher income bracket to pay for the out of control spending. He calls it a fair system. Hillary Clinton, who is a socialist, has already been shot down on her plan to give $5000 to each newborn. Evidently the polls showed this was a bad idea because she abandoned it.

Now the Socialism queen is saying that she would start a government 401(k) plan for all workers and this plan would cost 20-25 BILLION dollars a year. How will she get the money? Why tax the rich, of course. Hillary said the plan was to take away the inequity in our society and allow everyone to have savings for retirement. What she is doing is making the rich pay for the retirement of the poor. It is a disgrace and it smacks of Socialism.

The government already extorts money from us in a ponzi scheme they call Social Security. The money is taken from workers, ostensibly for their retirement, but it is not saved for the worker. It is immediately turned over to the current crop of retirees. Anything left over is spent by the idiots in DC with nothing more than an IOU left in the safe. The courts have ruled that the money is not ours and that the government can decide how to distribute it, or even not to distribute it. The money does not even transfer to your heirs if you die before collecting it. This system has been extremely mismanaged by the government and there are no protections for workers because the money is not controlled by the worker. It is extorted and then wasted.

If the government wants us to have a mandatory savings plan then let us take the system that is in place and revamp it. First of all, set up individual accounts so that money paid in is earmarked (I know they know what that means) for the employee who paid it in. Then allow the employee to invest that money in a number of savings and stock plans just as federal employees do with the Thrift Savings Plan. The money will belong to the employee and pass to his family when he dies. No one in the government will be able to touch it. This is one of the problems with Social Security. The government takes control of the money and spends it on things that are not retirement benefits (they transfer it to the general funds). The second problem is that Social Security has morphed into a social panacea for all problems. They pay for handicapped kids, disabled people, and a number of other things that has nothing to do with retirement.

With the track record of the idiots in DC do we really want them to have any more control over our money? What would stop them from spending it on their pork projects? What would stop them from deciding that they needed to cover the unemployed with our money? If they contend that the money will be in individual retirement accounts and cannot be touched by the feds then I say revamping Social Security would accomplish the same thing.

The federal government does not run anything efficiently and they do not look out for our interests. They are concerned with how to get elected and how to stay elected. I do not want them messing with my money as I can handle my own retirement accounts much better than they can. I certainly do not want them to dig into my pockets for more of my hard earned cash.

Hillary Clinton is a socialist and she will ruin this country if she is elected. Her ideas are anti American and they are not, despite what people like the Maryland Governor would say, fair.

Take this little quiz and see what you think.

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “More Clinton Socialism; Hold Your Wallets”

  1. Steve Dennis says:

    So let me get this straight, Hillary proposing a 401k plan for all Americans = good. But George W Bush wanting to privatize social security = bad. Can you say double standard?

  2. Schatz says:

    That quiz is scary – very scary. I am afraid – truly afraid. How much more are we supposed to subsidize? I already work just to pay taxes at this rate – and now I get to help other people (who make more money than I do but decided to reproduce) healthcare and save for retirement. How nice of me – I think we need to put this chick in a straight jacket. She’s crazy.

  3. irtexas44 says:


    Everytime I hear what this evil piece of commie gargage says it makes me ill. What is wrong with these people that come out to these meetings and listen to her. At this point I figure she has already bankrupted the country about 3 or 4 times and she isn’t even elected. If by any chance of her being elected I will be waiting for an excuse for everytime someone asks her why hasn’t she done anything about her campaign promises. I know it’s going to be “well, what I said was blah, blah, blah”. Then the Ol Clinton dance starts. Flip to the right and then flop to the left. I think it’s done to a VA reel. I guess it would go something like the game Twister only more complecated.

    I truly believe the dimwits are grinding away on any and everything to keep the lights off of themselves and all the charges that are coming out for all of the libs to die down. Thinking that we will forget. Fat chance. I just see more and more corruption on the dipsticks side that are piling up and they will skate on them as long as they can keep the BS flying for a distraction.

    I wouldn’t waste my gas going to the end of my driveway on her.

    One of my biggest problems is why she is still running? With all of the corruption and money from felons on and off her payroll and just plain dirty money that have already come down why isn’t something happening with these investigations and she still doesn’t seem to have to account for anything? Why hasn’t she given an accounting of her campaign funds? None of the dimlibs have to answer anything? But the Clintons are on the top of the list.

    But as I always say this woman is truly evil and I can’t stress that enough.