More Bad News To Come

The bad news this week was that Obama was “reelected” by a majority of the morons in this country. The corruption ran deep from illegal votes to deliberately keeping the military from having their votes counted, if they even got to vote. It sucks but it is what it is and we are stuck with Obama for the next four years.

Yes, that is bad news but there is more bad news on the horizon. A lot of companies have begun laying off employees and many cite the reelection of Obama and his signature “achievement” Obamacare. Coal workers, hospitality workers, defense contractors, and other larger companies are telling workers they no longer have jobs. Michelle Malkin calls it the layoff bomb and yes, that bomb has exploded.

We know that Obama and his minions forced companies affected by the budget mess that will occur in January to keep from sending out layoff notices in direct violation of the law so it would help him politically. I wonder how many of those folks who voted for Obama will end up in the welfare line?

Business owners were waiting until the outcome of the election before taking decisions on their future. If Mitt Romney had won they would start hiring and would work to build their businesses which would have helped to strengthen the economy.

But they got Obama instead and now they are taking tough decisions to keep from being hurt by Obama and Obamacare. The manipulated unemployment numbers from last month will receive a correction this month and Obama will again have higher unemployment. It is part of his plan to force the masses into his Socialist dream.

You folks who voted for him and have no job, tough. You deserve to be on the side of the road with a sign begging for food.

Those who did not vote for him and are hurt by this I am sorry for you but you know how to survive. look for conservative business owners and talk to them.

If you are a conservative business owner, consider firing your employees who voted for Obama and hiring people who did not.

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