More “Bad Apples”

Of course, whenever you read a story about a policeman gone bad, someone will always say, “Oh, it’s not all policeman, it’s just a few bad apples.” Well, as the picture in this post says (which I borrowed from here), I don’t think it’s a few any more. Instead, it is the majority. Sure, there are a few policemen who aren’t power-hungry, immune the laws of the country violence-seekers, but not many. Not any more. When you look at the numbers in detail, that becomes more obvious.

In this story, you read about a man who claims he was beaten by the police. He has lots of details. And the police are quite happy to run around saying, “No comment.” But this time was different — the man had a camera, and he filmed the incident in detail. You can view the video here.

There’s lots of discussion on that web site. I’ve seen and read discussion in other areas over the weekend about this incident. And I’m honestly shocked by the number of blindly pro-police people who talk about how “we don’t know all the details.” I don’t need to know more — the policeman used his power of his badge to violently beat someone because he wanted to. There was NO legal reason to even talk to the victim, much less physically beat him. In a just world, not only would the policeman be in jail, but the other SEVEN officers who witnessed the beating and did nothing would be fired immediately. I guess that the patrolman who did the beating might get suspended (with pay) for a few days. If he gets fired, he’ll be reinstated by some “oversight” board.

If it were “a few bad apples,” then at least one of those eight bullies with guns would have stood up and stopped the senseless beating of an innocent person.

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2 Responses to “More “Bad Apples””

  1. Big Dog says:

    I am always amazed at how the police can beat the hell out of someone who is doing nothing wrong and get away with it.

    If you are a cop and you witness another cop doing something wrong and you don’t report it then you are just as wrong.

    We pay you to protect and serve and in all honesty, let me carry my own gun and I don’t need you to do the protecting part.

  2. Blake says:

    A LOT of this behavior has to do with the fact that police belong to unions, and they protect their own.
    Witness the teacher’s unions, who protect child molesters, indeed help them remain paid and try to get them back in the classrooms.
    Pretty sorry behavior, if you ask me- and its only getting worse.
    Gee, thanks, Union Goons.