Morbid Irony as Animals Kill Muslims

On the first day of the feast of Eid al-Adha many Muslims kill animals in commemoration of God’s gift of a Ram to Abraham just as he was to sacrifice his son. Startled animals are butchered by amateurs who end up wounding themselves and spend time in the hospital as a result of their stupidity. Many people suffer cuts as a result of their idiocy but some are critically injured as large animals fall on them. One man was killed when a crane used to lift an animal toppled and crushed him and others die of heart attacks while chasing the frightened animals. To their credit, the people who survive give the meat to their friends so that they may eat it.

This is a bit of irony in that the Islamic butchers are supposed to kill the animals but some end up dying instead. This is poetic justice. Perhaps we should send millions of large animals to the region and encourage the Muslims to butcher away. We might be able to kill them off before they grow into terrorists. Perhaps we should convince them that they need to reenact the great flood and encourage them to knock down dams in order to get the full effect.

The people who participate in this are no brighter than those who insist on participating in the running of the bulls, an event where people are seriously injured trying to outrun huge, ticked off bulls.

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