Moore on the Gun Story

Recently I posted a story(at tryontheglasses) about Michaels Moore’s bodyguard being arrested for carrying a firearm in New York, where he was not licensed to do so. It appears that this story might be in error. I posted information from Fox News and now, at another site, there is information that this story might have been incorrect. The person in question was not Moore’s bodyguard though he might have been assigned to guard Moore in the past.

If this turns out to be the case then I reported on a story that was incorrect. However, it is a fact that Moore employs armed guards to protect him. It does not take away from my premise that he feels he is so important that he needs to be guarded yet you do not have that same luxury.

The web site reporting the error is located here.

I apologize for relaying information that might be inaccurate. I guess if I worked for CBS I could say that the story is false but the facts are correct so it is OK. I am not CBS. Though I did not write the original story I accept responsibility for reporting it.

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2 Responses to “Moore on the Gun Story”

  1. Adam says:

    “I guess if I worked for CBS I could say that the story is false but the facts are correct so it is OK.”

    Wasn’t it the story that was correct but the facts were false? Journalist Greg Palast proved back in 1999 that Bush cheated his way in to the guard. CBS just dropped the ball with the facts they tried to show.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Bush served his time and was a fighter pilot. No one has proven anything contrary despite the pathetic attempts by people who know little about the guard.
    I’m thinking Bush should have dodged military service and gone to Russia and protested against this country or run around backing the North Vietnamese in war protests. Then he would have gotten a free pass. Instead, he is taken to task by those who did not serve.