Moonbeam Reports Greater Budget Deficit

In January, Governor Moonbeam Brown of California reported a budget deficit of 9.2 BILLION dollars. After the important month of April, the month that taxes owed must be paid, the deficit is much worse. The deficit for California is 16 BILLION dollars.

California is a huge state with lots of very wealthy people and yet it has budget problems. Part of that is because the wealthy liberal elites like to talk about tax increases or paying more but they find ways not to actually do that.

Another part of the problem is that California is a welfare state and it is a sanctuary state. California has a lot of people sucking at the teat of government and quite a few of them are illegal aliens.

Governor Moonbeam is worried that he will have to make cuts from social services and from the state employees if, wait for it, tax increases are not approved by voters.

Moonbeam wants temporary increases in the sales tax and on incomes over $250,000. Those tax increases will not be temporary for very long. Once the increases do not solve the problem they will look to raise taxes even more.

Why would voters approve tax hikes when the government has shown time and again that it is not capable of managing a budget? Why would people vote to pay more into a corrupt system that has demonstrated it is not capable of cutting spending of managing programs? Why would anyone want to pay more in taxes to support a growing population of welfare recipients and illegal aliens (also known as new Democrat voters)?

Moonbeam Brown needs to cut, cut, and cut.

Why worry if you are not in California? If voters reject tax increases how long will it be before California becomes too big to fail and is bailed out with tax dollars from the rest of the country?

Maybe the voters should approve a tax increase on all wealthy liberal actors. They should have to pay 90% of their salaries in taxes to help the state out.

Want to bet the “please tax us more” liberal actors would be screaming bloody murder and looking for ways to hide their assets.

Want to bet they would be looking to move to a more tax friendly state?

Pay close attention America. California’s economic woes are a sentinel event that portends the future of the country. Moonbeam is doing there what Obama and the rest of our “leaders” are doing at the national level.

The result of liberals in charge is always higher deficits, more welfare and higher taxes.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Moonbeam Reports Greater Budget Deficit”

  1. Blake says:

    Have you seen Jon Lovitz’ rant on youtube? Hilarious because its true- a liberal ranting about the amount of taxes he has to pay- I say, move the hell out of Ca. If you were standing in a patch of burning land, you would move- this is no different.