Moonbats Invade Albuquerque

Moonbat bus

I am in Albuquerque for a conference and when I arrived back at my hotel the anti Bush bus and mini library was parked out in front of the hotel. It was there this morning so I snapped a few photos of it. I was calling for the moonbats inside to wake up but no one stirred. Perhaps they were too busy passing the bong around last night and decided to sleep in.

The bus is scheduled to be here through tomorrow (according to their website) but I seriously doubt many of the people I am at this conference with would be interested in the mindless display of stupidity that awaits people inside that bus.

I hope to get a look later if and when they open (no I will not be going inside). If anything worth mentioning happens I will let you know.

Big Dog

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8 Responses to “Moonbats Invade Albuquerque”

  1. Patsy says:

    Isn’t that just plain silly? Those idiots are still campaigning for the last election, which they lost. How sad.

  2. G.M. says:

    I’ve ALWAYS thought BDS was a serious disease… now I’m convinced!

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  4. Bunny Colvin says:

    No way. You people can’t be outraged.

    You’re entire product in election 2000 was sold as the anti-Clinton. The Bush/Cheney ticket was pushed as the CEO administration. They would demand accountability. They would mark the end of a “scandalous” era in the White House.

    You can’t base your whole campaign on being the “anti-Clinton” and then 8 years later whine when the same tactic is used to sell the “anti-Bush”.

    You can’t have it both ways. This is presidential politics, not mercy rule t-ball.


  5. Reason says:

    Lets address the issues on the side of the bus:

    1)Economy in Crisis
    2)Endless Iraq War
    3)Health care a mess
    4)Record Gas prices

    Well 1 & 4 are intertwined, Pelosi, Reid, and company have done little about energy prices in the 2 years since they took control of Congress, why would be believe the next 2 years would be any different? Democrats have been blocking expanded exploration and drilling for decades, hence our figures on reserve estimates in ANWR & the OCS are quite outdated. Congress was also supposed to oversee the GSE banks, the policies it encouraged over the last couple years have lead to the current meltdown and several Dems have made millions from Freddie and Fannie. Lower fuel costs and the economy will recover, its that simple.

    As for 2 war is not endless, in fact we’re already seeing a reduction in forces from the surge. Iraq has met 15 of 18 benchmarks last I read, and I believe Iraqi forces have taken over security for 10 of 18 provinces as well. Al-Qaida has taken a beating and is leaving for Pakistan/Afghanistan border. Sounds pretty promising to me for a 2010-2011 withdrawal of the US forces (perhaps a base may remain) stationed there leaving a stable and democratic Iraq.

    Health care has been an issue for decades, its nothing new and cannot be laid at Bush’s feet. If you hold him accountable you also have to hold Clinton as well.

  6. Robohobo says:

    Damn! That’s home and here I am stuck on the road on a business trip! I needed the target practice!

    [Okay, for the Stasi members out there, that is known as humor.]

  7. Big Dog says:

    Too bad you are not home we could have had some fun harassing the moonbats.