Moonbats Deface Vietnam Memorial

The Gathering of Eagles came together as a group dedicated to protecting the memorials from vandals. Of course this group cannot be there 24 hours a day and that is why there are park police officers. The moonbats failed to deface any memorial while the Eagles were present because they lack the guts to try anything when a superior force is present. This cowardice was displayed by them when a person or persons defaced the Vietnam Memorial with a petroleum based substance thus staining a tile into which it was absorbed.

The unfortunate thing is that the responsible parties undoubtedly call themselves Americans and state that they support the troops. This support, after all, is why they are fighting so hard to bring them home. The question is, if they support the troops then why would they deface a memorial to the very people who died preserving their right to protest? This act of cowardice shows that these people are far from supporters and they are not patriots despite their protestations whenever we question their patriotism. It must be asked so I will do it. Can I question your patriotism now?

It is no secret that this country is deeply divided and the war is one area where there are deep divisions. This is all part of the process of freedom and thinking people may debate the issues as sane, civil folks. What is not acceptable is for people to deface the monuments that have been erected to honor better people than the people who defaced this wall will ever be. It is not acceptable for any group to deface property because they disagree with issues facing this country and any person who does this is a low life cretin who should be removed from the human race. One thing is certain. The people who did this did so as a covert act because they knew that they were breaking the law. They never would have gotten away with this had Eagles been present because they would have been shipped home in a couple of boxes after we tore them apart. The slime that did this should be hanged, drawn, and quartered and the public should be allowed to watch as they are disemboweled in the public square.

The Eagles will be in DC next weekend and there will be quite a few who are highly peeved at this. I would suggest that the moonbats keep their distance and leave the memorials alone. Anyone caught defacing one will only be able to be identified through DNA records when the Eagles are done with them.

There are pictures over at the Free Republic

Before some moonbat or troll takes me to task for assuming this had to be a moonbat, keep in mind that those who truly support the troops would NEVER do this even if they are unhappy with the war. There is no doubt in my mind that a left wing looney did this but in the unlikely event that I am incorrect, I will certainly apologize.

To the cretins who did this; we will be there Saturday. Care to fess up to your acts and show us that you are not really a bunch of cowards?

Eagles Up!

Big Dog

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12 Responses to “Moonbats Deface Vietnam Memorial”

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  2. Billy Joe says:

    So you have no evidence whatsoever that this was caused by a ‘moonbat’. You’ve simply acted as the judge, jury, and executioner. That’s very Republican of you. More deep thinking from Big Dog, tireless defender of American symbols.

    As long as we’re hurling accusations based on nothing whatsoever, I’d bet it was an unemployed, stay-at-home type of conservative who simply wanted to cause a sensation in the right-wing blogsphere before the big pro-war gathering – and perhaps goose attendence. Wasn’t this actually one of the pretexts that was used before their last gathering? that there were rumors that the memorial would be vandalized so they needed to show up and defend it? Does it only get vandalized before big peace protests?

    I’m glad the Eagles are dedicated to protecting the memorial. Do you think there is any chance that some of the Eagles will pry themselves away from vaseline patrol and, actually go find bin Laden in Iraq? I mean, the American embassy in the Green Zone is not only being vandalized with petroleum jelly, it’s being attacked with live ammo daily.

    Nice web re-design by the way.

  3. irtexas44 says:

    I can only hope the little piece of camel dung that did this comes to one of you on Saturday and trys to taunt any of you. Just add everyones name to the arrest warrant. I think these little craps need to be in a nice cell with Bubba.

    They also need to pay for the restoration. I have already left a note that the candy ass pink panties are going to show up on another post.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for the compliment on the re-design (though I only use a theme somebody else wrote).

    I blamed it on a moonbat given the threats made by them in the past and indicated in the post that non moonbats would not do such a thing. I also indicated that if it were proven otherwise, I would apologize.

    As for the rumors, not so. Those were actual threats posted on various websites of the idiots attending the Communist rallies in DC.

    I told you before, there are a bunch of veterans in GOE who would be more than happy to go look for OBL. However, if we go we will not be bound by the silly ROE imposed upon our troops.

    I don’t know if you have been to any of these “peace” protests but the protesters of whom you speak are anything but peaceful. They continuously attempt to provoke those who disagree with them, albeit from a safe distance.

    They actually tried to bum rush a barrier to get through the last time but decided to retreat when a bunch of folks who know how to fight got in their way.

    These memorials are at a greater danger when rallies are happening because more of the kind of people who would do such a thing are in the area. At any other given time there are only residents, employees, and tourists there. The incident happened when a large group of anti war protesters were in town and this is not a coincidence. It was your peaceful protesters who painted the steps to the Capitol.

    People who would belong to the GOE do not do these kinds of things because we have more respect than that.

  5. Billy Joe says:

    If someone truly wanted to deface the memorial, don’t you think they’d take a hammer to it or something? And why wait until a week before the protests? The fact of the matter is they could have done it 4 weeks or 4 months ago.

    On the other hand, a wingnut who wants to rile up the GOE guys and goose attendence WOULD smear vaseline on it because it won’t cause severe damage but they can still blame moonbats for ‘defacing’ the memorial. If we’re going to make an accusation without any evidence, I actually think it’s more likely that some doughy Chickenhawk Karl Rove wannabe did it.

    That or some moron somehow spilled his vaseline on it by accident.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be going to the protest, but I was in NYC for the RNC protests in 2004. Conservatively, there were about 250,000 marching against the war and about 1,000 (plus the corny RNC delegates who barricaded themselves in MSG) who supported it. I participated in the 1000 Coffins part of the march:

    Of course, that was back when only 1000 US soldiers had been killed in Iraq.

    I didn’t notice aggressive peace protesters. It’s sort of a contradiction in terms, don’t you think? Agressive pro-war demonstrators on the other hand, is a natural fit. Your commenter above, irtexas44, is a good example. He lusts for violence (or at least claims he does) as do most wingnuts, if their comments are any indication.

    I’m not aware of threats posted on communist websites. I probably wouldn’t take them terribly seriously, either. it’s interesting that you lump non-conservatives together under the broad ‘moonbat’ banner. It’s like conservatives being lumped together with the Klan, the neo-Nazis and the God Hates Fags guy, Fred Phelps, who protests – in the name of God – at the funerals of US soldiers.

    You should take lots of photos at the gathering so we can see which movement gets more people out. Preferably something expansive so we can get a sense how many people actually show up.

  6. Big Dog says:

    The Police generally watch the thing so a hammer would not work, too easy to notice. As for timing, the moonbats don’t live in DC. They are all there to protest the Petraeus report and i am sure this was done to show the GOE that it could be done.

    As for method, a person probably had an oil can or syringe with a petroleum based product and walked along squirting it out the side so it looked like they were walking, not defacing.

    It would be hard to take pictures to show size of crowd. Besides, any picture can be made to look like it is more or less than reality, the MSM does this all the time.

    We use the park service estimates and for the March rally they estimated us at 30k and them at 10k. We will more than likely outnumber them.

    As for the peaceful protesters, I have seen to many who try to provoke, who push or who try to incite violence through word and deed. In March they tried to use force to get through until they met a bunch of men who would have none of it.

    They had plenty of websites from the radical anti war groups 9not just the Commies) who made such threats and posted how to do it with the anarchists leading the charge. It must have been a credible threat because the police set up metal detectors and made everyone empty pockets, purses and bags for inspection before they could go view the wall. That thwarted much of the effort until they tried to break through the fence barrier. They did not get far and retreated quickly.

    Moonbat a general term? Sure , sort of like wingnut (a kettle and pot thing).

    I do not espouse violence unnecessarily and neither do most people on the right. We understand that sometimes violence is necessary and though it is ugly it must be done. We would not be a nation today if we had not taken to violence because the history of the world is full of stories about conquerors and warrior nations. As long as there is aggression there will be a need to use violence.

    The difference between the wingnuts and the moonbats is that one side understands this and the other thinks that all issues can be settled by talking. While that sounds intellectual it is not reality. until it is, we will need to be ready to do violence on behalf of the protected. And in case you missed it, the left is good at lumping the right into Nazis and the KKK. Your indication that most wingnuts LUST for violence (while incorrect) is an example of lumping people together under an umbrella and yet your doing so coupled with the use of wingnut shows you think it is appropriate to do so.

    We will always need a military. The threat of violence or aggressive action is necessary to keep peace. If that were not true, we would not need the police.

    Phelps is a mental case and he hates the right and left equally. he uses the name of God to push an agenda against homosexuals. That is certainly not what the God I worship would want. I have been to one of those funerals. Phelps never got close thanks to the work of the Patriot Guard riders and a few hundred local citizens. His agenda is to incite people to assault one of his crew so he can sue for money to finance his lunacy.

  7. Billy Joe says:

    Someone could have just keyed the monument, if they wanted to. Putting vaseline in a syringe? Who’d bother? If you got busted at night with a syringe at the monument, you’d probably be in more trouble than simply having a container of vaseline. As vandalism goes, it’s little-league stuff. That’s quite a theory though. has it been debated in the right-wing blogosphere all day today? They should dedicate such investigatory powers to figuring out where bin Laden is. Anyway, the so-called vadalism is a tempest in a teapot.

    Who are the Patriot Guard riders? Is that some sort of White biker gang? is it just me or do wingnuts (as opposed to traditional conservatives – I think you folks call them ‘RINOS’) get some sort of macho thrill out of thuggery? Right… it’s not me – Wingnuts do like thuggery, as long as it’s wrapped in an American flag.

  8. Big Dog says:

    It is granite and a key would not do much but thta can be fixed. Petroleum based (not vasoline necessarily) soaks in and won’t come out. that is the way they have been defacing monuments across the country.

    They are veterans who belong to a motorcycle gang and they come in all colors. They guard funerals against people like Phelps and none of them has ever attacked Phelps despite your thuggery claim. They surround the event so the idiots cannot get through.

  9. Schatz says:

    It’s a shame they can’t surround this website so the idiots couldn’t get through here either …

  10. Kazm says:

    Who are the Patriot Guard riders?
    A national organization of motorcycle enthusiasts created to oppose the Westboro Baptist Church, who attend funerals to honor fallen US military personnel. Making sure the families and the soldier get the respect and privacy they need in their time of sorrow.

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