Moonbat Teachers Don’t Learn (or teach)

Steve White, a teacher in Limestone County Tennessee, has been fired from his job for showing Internet video clips that contained sexual content. White showed videos with animated characters of Bill Clinton possibly having sex with an animated Hillary (I can not imagine that even with an animated Hillary). White is a Democrat and is running for office though that might be derailed because the state Democratic party is looking to pull him off the ticket.

White did more than make fun of Clinton (which in the moonbat world is right up there with blasphemy) he also conducted some liberal indoctrination. He required students to sound off with “John Kerry Rocks” before they could leave the classroom. There are many people who feel he should not have lost his job but this teacher is a loose canon and has a pattern of forcing his liberal views on students. He received a letter of reprimand in the past for showing a video clip in which George Bush was called an a**hole so it appears that he is not able to learn from past mistakes.

This is not the kind of teacher we need in our schools and people like this guy are the reason that Johnny can’t read. They come to school with ideas that they should check at the door. Instead of teaching children they indoctrinate them into the liberal mindset which is a recipe for disaster. To make it clear though, I do not want conservative teachers discussing politics in the classroom either. Those discussions should take place in political groups and clubs and not in the classroom.

The problem with this guy is that he went from teaching to indoctrination and that might have been glossed over like it is when moonbats go wild (like Jay Benesh) but he went over the line and showed Bill Clinton in a bad way. If it had been Internet sex or straight Bush bashing (without the a**hole word) then he would have been OK. He broke two rules, he made fun of the moonbat icon and he allowed curse words in school to describe the President instead of the obligatory “Nazi”. Sex and Bush bashing are allowed in the moonbat educational system, but they must never, ever, mock a Clinton.

Source: Decatur Daily

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