Moonbat Delight

I recently wrote a post about the ACLU and the atheist/gay groups trying to force the Boy Scouts to allow girls, gays, and atheists into their organization. I posted at the time that someone would say I was a homophobe because of my views. I was not exactly correct. I was actually called a “stupid biggot”[sic].

You see, when a parent decides what is moral and how he wants those morals applied to his child’s upbringing the left can not stand it The moonbats come out in full force and try to lay their Hillary Clinton Village crap on you. You see, I am stupid, or unenlightened, because I do not wish for my children to be influenced by atheists or gays and because I think the Girl Scouts is for girls and the Boy Scouts is for boys. I am the stupid one because I want to decide what my children are exposed to. I want to, and here is a novel idea for the left, raise them with my wife not with the community, or the village. While I realize the community has an influence on my children I also know that I and my wife have sole responsibility and the village has only the say we allow in their lives.

Now here is where it gets hairy. You see, the particular person who said I was a bigot for deciding how I wanted my children raised does not have any children. He is still in college having his mind molded by the liberal professors. He is being raised by the village. Unfortunately, when he leaves the village will miss its idiot. I have raised two children who are now adults. They are not bigots and they do not discriminate. They believe in God and they think that homosexuality is wrong but that people are free to do what they want in their own bedrooms.

I guess I must be a bigot. I have no tolerance for stupidity, can’t stand criminals, think pimps are a waste of human flesh, believe that rapists should be hanged by their testicles, hate terrorists and think they should all die a horrible death, and I think that any person or group that tries to impose its will upon me and my family will suffer dearly. I also feel that private organizations have the right to do as they please and if the left or anyone else does not like it they can all go straight to hell. So I guess I am a bigot after all.

I know this much. My wife and I had a good upbringing and our parents had the same. We gave as much and more to our children. And we did it without others telling us what we did and did not have to allow. I also know that I do not have to have forced upon me what I do not agree with and if that makes me a bigot fine, but I am a free one.

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5 Responses to “Moonbat Delight”

  1. Adam says:

    I will say this again for the last time. I’ve been in college for 4 and a half years, and I’ve had roughly 50 professors. The only one that ever “molded” me was a liberal political science I had during last year’s election. I’m a computer science major. We talk about math, physics, and computers. There is no time for politics. Liberalism is my hobby, not my college degree, you moron.

    As far as the rest, oh give me a damn break. You can call me a moonbat all you want but I said already that this has nothing to do with the ACLU and the scouts, and that I agree with you on family teaching values so stop the “I must be stupid for feeling…” crap when it comes to the family.

    You should stick more to the “I must be stupid for suggesting I wouldn’t want my kids to camp with homosexuals and atheists because that would influence them against what I agree with.” We both know how homosexuals and atheists just want to influence young children. You can also say “I must be stupid for comparing homosexuals and atheists to pimps, prostitutes, and stripping.” We both know how evil all these things are. They are all just making baby Jesus cry!

    Boo hoo, Big Dog. You bigot.

  2. Adam says:

    The bottom line, and what pisses me off more than anything, is that you took an interesting issue and used it to bash homosexuals and atheists. You know you did this, because you worried somebody would call you a homophobe.

    The truth is worse though. You aren’t afraid of anything associated with homosexuals or atheists, you just don’t want them near kids to influence them. You don’t want your kids to learn to have anal sex while camping, because that’s what homosexuals do when the camp, right?

    Surely that’s just another one of your jokes though, right? However, to try and back up your argument, you compared homosexuals and atheists to pimps, strippers, prostitutes. Wow, that makes it so much better, Big Dog.

    That’s all this whole thing amounts to. You consider homosexuals and atheists to be in the same group as pimps, strippers, prostitutes, and therefore you’re an idiot. That’s all that anybody needs to know, and if that makes me moonbat, then too damn bad.

  3. Big Dog says:

    What it amounts to is I don’t want you, the ACLU or any other group telling me or any private organization what they have to tolerate. You know as well as I do that the minute something happens all those lawyers who fought for this would be suing the Scouts for “letting” it happen.

    I think homosexuality is not a normal behavior. It, in my opinion, is immoral and I think that people who do not believe in God are wrong and I do not want them forcing their beliefs on our children. You know it would happen since a lot of scouting deals with religion. The atheists would be there offering a counter point to the children and their parents do not want that.

    I knew people would call me names because that is their favorite attack. I made a comment about welfare recipients on your site and I was a racist. That is not the case but it is your favorite attack. That and moron and all I can say to that is if I am the moron you are in bad shape.

  4. Adam says:

    And once again, we agree on the ACLU stuff. However, homosexuality and atheism are not criminal. Pimping and prostitution is, and stripping is looked down on by large portions of our society. You can’t expect to make these connections and have it be just that they are lifestyles you disagree with. That is bigotry. I wouldn’t call you a moron or a bigot if it wasn’t true. Trust me on this one. ;)

  5. Big Dog says:

    Well, prostitution is legal in some states and while stripping is looked down upon that is not illegal. Many people do not agree with homosexuality or atheism so using your argument I am OK on this.

    You can call me what you want but I do not feel I am a bigot because I do not want certain lifestyles forced upon me or my family. I should be able to belong to an organization that holds the same values I do without having people with whom I disagree force their way in. No matter what kind of dream world anyone wants there will always be groups to which someone can not belong, and I like it that way. I am not saying that they should not have their own group but there are exclusions from some items. In some you have to be a woman, others black, Hispanic, or Asian (not white, then you are a racist).

    The ACLU is an organization that uses a stupid law to fleece the taxpayer for frivolous lawsuits. Their goal is communism in this country and we need to get rid of them.:coolgrin_ee: