Moonbat Delight: War Protests Show Impotence

In a city of millions the best New York could do was about 1000 total protesters. The big anti war rallies that took place generally fizzled out. Some protests only had participants because people at them text messaged their friends asking them to show up. We do have a montage of moonbat statements and here are a few:

  • “We attacked a country who never did anything to us,” said Philadelphia resident Al Zappala, whose 30-year-old son was killed in Iraq in April 2004.
  • Anti-war rallies in Japan drew about 800 protesters chanting “No war! Stop the war!” and banging drums as they marched peacefully through downtown Tokyo toward the U.S. Embassy. A day earlier, about 2,000 rallied in the city.
    “The Iraq war was President Bush’s big mistake and the whole world is against him,” said organizer Ayako Nishimura. “Iraq must decide its own affairs.”
  • Joining the marchers in Chalmette was former Florida National Guard Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia, a conscientious objector from Miami Beach, Fla., who was court-martialed and jailed for desertion.
    “I joined the military because it seemed to offer stability and camaraderie,” he said. “No soldier signs up for a war for oil.”
  • “Katrina only happened because of the incompetence and callousness of the (Bush) administration, just as we’ve seen in Iraq,” Sheehan said Sunday.

Well, Iraq violated UN sanctions, harbored terrorists and allowed them to train in the country. They also provided medical care and refuge for wanted terrorists. Hussein met with OBL and his people to discuss the Great Satan and Iraq sent all its WMD to Syria, an item not getting a lot of mention in the MSM.

Perhaps if the Japanese folks had the guts to protest when their country was initiating a preemptive strike against the US they would not have gotten their asses lit up with two nuclear devices and suffered the most humiliating defeat in its history.

SSG Mejia is a coward. He was not drafted so why would a conscientious objector join an all volunteer military? You can’t honestly expect people to believe that you did not know you might have to go to war. This guy joined for the stability and camaraderie? There is no stability in the military and you have camaraderie by training to fight and defend this country. It is more likely this guy signed up for the educational benefits and the extra paycheck, then when he was asked to perform his duty and earn that paycheck he decided that he wanted to be a CO. He deserted and was court martialed. Maybe they will execute him for desertion.

And what would we do without the moonbat queen Cindy Sheehan? (this was the first time her name was mentioned and we were not reminded she lost a son in Iraq) Sheehan said that Katrina happened because of the incompetence and callousness of the Bush Administration. So are we to believe that the actions of a person here on Earth can influence mother nature? Is she suggesting that because of these perceived traits a hurricane whipped up and slammed the Gulf Coast? I guess that makes sense. So 9/11 happened because New Yorkers were stupid enough to elect Hillary Clinton, the San Francisco Earthquake happened because of deviant homosexual behavior, wildfires in California because of liberal actors, and those tornadoes last week were because FEMA did not act quickly enough for Katrina so they needed more practice.

Oh wait, FEMA was not called out to the tornadoes. There was no pledge of 250 billion dollars to rebuild homes and none of those folks have been given 5000 dollar ATM cards to spend on booze, rubbers, porn, and gambling. I guess it was because they were mostly white. We can only conclude that Bush hates white people and FEMA does not give a damn about them either. Where are all the libs screaming about slow response and loss of life blah, blah, blah? It just does not play on the news to show the agony of white folks. You need to be able to trot out Jesse Jackson and the other usual suspects so they can make racially charged statements to keep black people oppressed.

Yes, the protests were a bust. The moonbats can not even get together on the one thing they all love to do and that is protest.

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2 Responses to “Moonbat Delight: War Protests Show Impotence”

  1. Angel says:

    Great rant buddy..heh..Truth is that the libs “cant handle the truth”..and
    all rational minds know that.
    They will defend Moooooslims despite the systematic rape and torture
    of their own women…and decry the slightest “offense” to those poor pple but rejoice when the Bklyn Museum poses the greatest anti Christian art
    festival in the history of art…pfftt!

  2. Big Dog says:

    Hi Angel, Thanks for the comment.

    The libs will only defend Mooslims unless they want to do business here like the folks who were screwed in the port deal. Then of course they don’t defend them at all.