Mommie Dearest

Nobel laureate Dario Fo has written a play about Cindy Sheehan and the way she has exploited her son’s death. The one woman play debuted in London and Sheehan was there to see it. This woman sure gets around a lot for a grieving mom. I guess she is in another country to protest the US ala Bill Clinton and John Kerry.

This play features extracts of letters Sheehan sent to the President as well as other things she has written. I can imagine how this play goes sine the person who wrote it is a leftist. I have to give the President credit. He acts like a gentleman when confronted by these idiots. Sheehan has called him names and has joined the chorus of people who chime in and say the president lacks intelligence or is a chimp. For his part, the President said he sympathizes with her but is not going to pull forces out of Iraq. He is not going to run again, he can’t. This guy could just call her a loser who needs heavy medication and should be ashamed for exploiting her son’s death. Instead, he has taken the high road.

I am working on a play that is a one man play. It is called Casey from the Grave. It starts like this; “Hi mom, it is me Casey. You can’t hear me but I see and hear you. I am disturbed by the way you are acting and the way you use my death to advance your sick agenda. I am worried about your sanity, you never were too stable. I have talked with St. Peter and he said you might as well not show up at the Pearly Gates because you are getting a one way ride down. He told me that Satan is going to tell every terrorist in Hell that you are a virgin so they will leave him alone. Please stop what you are doing and go home to the rest of the family. I am getting dizzy from spinning in my grave.”

What do you think? Has potential, I think.

Story about Cindy SheetHead.

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