Mississippi (Calorie) Burning

Three members of the Mississippi Legislature want to make it a crime for restaurants (that receive a permit from the Mississippi Department of Health) to serve food to people who are obese. Representatives Mayhall, Read, and Shows will establish definitions of obesity for these establishments to follow and will require them to discriminate against obese people. There is no indication yet, as to whether restaurants would have to measure people and calculate body fat or body mass index to determine if they get to eat or get their fat butts booted to the street.

I guess since the civil rights movement the legislature has been at a loss for a group to discriminate against. Sure, they were able to discriminate against blacks for a few more decades, kill some civil rights workers and lynch some black men but the days of running around in sheets have long passed and elderly Mississippi legislators are longing for some other way to discriminate. In pops the fat folks and the bipartisan group of old white guys (the youngest is 67) is in all its glory because they now have another group of people to pick on and hell, a fat guy has not had a serious run for the presidency in a long time. It won’t be long before there are skinnys only water fountains and restaurants, back door entrances for fat people and laws making fat people ride in the back of the bus. What next, no driver’s license for fat people because they should be walking anyway? They will probably have to find another way to kill fatso people because the ropes might not be strong enough and the aged white guys probably can’t lift them in order to hang them anyway.

I wonder how they can discriminate next in this bastion of stupidity known as Mississippi? Maybe they can force gay people to move out of state to keep from spreading bloodborne or STDs. Perhaps they can discriminate against people with heart disease and only allow restaurants to sell them heart smart foods (cooked in that healthy southern style of using lard).

I have an idea for the legislators in Mississippi. Instead of doing stupid things like this why don’t you pass laws to improve the way your children learn? Why don’t you pass legislation that improves your educational system? You see, Mississippi ranks 48th out of all the states in how well their kids are educated. They have made great strides moving up from 49th in the previous survey. It is very important to ensure that children get a good education and that they are able to comprehend complex ideas. If you fail to give children a good education…

They grow up to be stupid legislators who propose stupid laws that discriminate.

Mississippi –
Dead last in number who complete high school
Dead last in percentage of students above advanced [grade 8] math
A number of last or near last statistics in education can be found here.

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5 Responses to “Mississippi (Calorie) Burning”

  1. Jay says:

    Nannystating at its best/worst.

  2. If that bill becomes law, I wonder how many restaurants will go broke.

  3. GM Roper says:

    Carrying concern for your fellow man just a bit too far. We need to deeply investigate these politicos and find out what their health proclivities are then out law those, but just for them and them only.

  4. Schatzee says:

    How much of our “free choice” are we willing to give over to the government for our own good? This is preposterous. You can’t discriminate against someone who is gay but you can someone who is fat? What if they have a medical condition that makes them fat? What if they just like being rotund? What if it’s no one’s damn business what someone else eats or does not eat and whether or not they are obese?

    What about liquor? Let’s refuse to serve alcohol to those with drinking problems. How are they going to know? Ask for medical records? This is pure discrimination through and through but you won’t see the ACLU up in arms about this because they only care about blacks, gays, and anti-Christian folk.

    I knew that the smoking ban and trans-fat craze was the start of creeping incrementalism. Nannystate if right – man we need some serious help in this government.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Did I mention that I hardly eat in restaurants? I don’t go to fast food joints and I eat in a restaurant about once a month unless I am traveling for business.

    Did I also mention that I have not been to Mississippi since my Army days and have no need to visit there.

    I might also point out that while Mississippi ranks low in school ranking that it would be ridiculous to say it is because the state is a “red” state. There are some who might argue that the “blue” states are at the top for a reason but if it has to do with red and blue it might do well to see how many counties in the state are red and how many are blue.

    In Maryland, the counties that perform well are red and the failures are blue. Perhaps this is because those heavily populated areas that give the votes to Democrats are full of drug dealers, single family homes, and welfare recipients.

    Even though red Mississippi ranks lower in schooling, blue New Orleans had people that were not bright enough to leave when danger arrived.