Missing Big Dog Mystery Solved

Our loyal readers (and I believe we are up to four) may be wondering what I have done to Big Dog. Notably missing in action, Big Dog’s “voice” has not graced this blog in some time . . . and, I have purloined his soapbox. Maybe I have walled him behind bricks or done away with him and hidden his remains beneath some floor boards. (For those of you who haven’t noticed, I’m waxing “Poe”-etic — as in Edgar Allan — this week. Seems some of you missed my early attempt. I promise not to do it again.)

Alas, the truth holds much less drama. Big Dog has flown hither and yon on his world-wide April tour. For now, we must share him with an international audience as he impresses them with his knowledge and delivery skills. Doubtlessly, he will return with tales and opinions for our edification and enjoyment. I am sure you join me in anticipating his return in a couple of days – once he shakes off the jet lag and European food.

Until then, please bear with my political pontifications and mental meanderings. Brighter “Dog” days are ahead.

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