Misbehave And Call It Racism

We all saw it with Cynthia “Cop Socker” McKinney. She misbehaved (and broke the law) when she struck a police officer. She claimed racism and the DC Grand Jury eventually declined to indict her. Members of Congress like us to believe they expect no special treatment but their response to the search of William Jefferson’s office coupled with the non-indictment of Cop Socker shows that the laws that govern the rest of us do not apply to the people who work for us.

Members of Hollywood are of the same mind. Actress Mo’Nique was on a United flight to New York when she got into a disagreement with a flight attendant. Evidently, one of Mo’Nique’s people who was flying in coach put a hair dryer she was carrying for the actress in the First Class overhead bin. Mo’Nique was in First Class at the time but the flight attendant questioned the act and did not believe the hair dryer belonged to the actress. It really does not matter. I fly a lot and I always hear “Federal law requires you to follow the instruction of the flight crew.” If the lady was told to take the hair dryer out, she should have.

Instead, Mo’Nique got into an argument with the flight attendant and the flight was delayed. Mo’Nique was escorted out of the aircraft and the police were called. She was delayed because of it and eventually caught a later flight. Mo’Nique is calling this a racist act and is urging all black people to boycott United. She even said that black people are treated like this all the time. Last year I flew nearly 70,000 miles and I never once saw a black person treated this way. One would think that if it happened all the time I would have seen it at least once. Combined mileage of my co-workers in more than half a million a year and none of them have witnessed black people being treated like this all the time.

It is the same old song and dance. A black person does something that causes a problem and the immediate response is to scream racism. Maybe Mo’Nique was upset that The View chose a fat white chick to replace Starr Jones instead of the fat black chick. In any event, she caused the problem and if it had been any non-famous person they might have been arrested and placed in jail.

It might seem like a little thing but no matter, she caused a disturbance on an airplane and she was called out for it. Cop Socker and Mo’Nique will probably write a book about racism in America. Here is an idea. Maybe United can get the last laugh. Mo’Nique calls for the boycott and says she will fly another airline from now on. United, in turn, places her name on the Federal No-Fly list. Now that will be funny.

New York Daily News

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