Miranda Warning

David Miranda, the partner of Glenn Greenwald, was detained in the UK under that nation’s terror laws. He is not a terrorist, has no terror ties (that have been made public), comes from a nation that is not on the terror watch list and has not engaged in terror. He was held nonetheless, for nine hours and his electronic devices were seized. He was released but his stuff is in the hands of the law.

Why did this happen? Well, Miranda and Greewald have been revealing the information provided by Edward Snowden. These guys have shed light on the dark and possibly illegal spying the US is doing on its own citizens.

The US government was given a heads up about Miranda being detained but denies being involved or asking that it happen.

Whether the US specifically asked or not is not important. What is important is that a person was detained without cause because he has been involved in the reporting of illegal acts the US government is involved in.

Tyrants do not like it when their tyranny is exposed. It does not take long for them to go after those exposing the illegal activity.

This incident might have opened a can of worms as Greewald has vowed to make his reporting more aggressive because of the incident and he warned the government he would expose more spying secrets indicating Britain would be “sorry” for the detention.

Reports indicate that Miranda will sue the UK government over the detention and I hope he does.

Nations are using terror laws to impose upon people not involved in terror in any way. The UK is not the only nation to do it. In the US terrorism laws are used to enslave people, to infringe upon their rights, and to allow the government to do what it wants in the name of fighting terror.

Police departments are being outfitted for war and that war is against the people. They can claim it is because the streets are dangerous but how often do we see these well armed police departments entering gang infested areas with their weapons of war and armored vehicles to flush out and capture or kill gang bangers? How often do they use these items to engage the drug cartels or the illegals running around causing problems?

We hardly see that because they are too busy rousting people from their homes and infringing on their rights.

The Constitution does not allow our Armed forces to be used against us but that is being circumvented by a government that is building up an army of police officers throughout the nation.

An army that will one day be deployed to enforce a police state and to further stomp on our liberty.

Unless they remember their oath…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Miranda Warning”

  1. Blake Brown says:

    One hopes that these people can remember their oath, but if it is that easy for obammy to forget his, and Biden to forget his, how much hope can we really have.
    Police use SWAT for everything- soon, jack-booted thugs will impose smoking bans, and soda restrictions.
    Remember, Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.