Minimum Wage Maximum Destruction

Liberals scream about a living wage though if you earn a wage and are not dead it is technically a living wage. They will tell us people can’t live on the current minimum wage and there is a push to make the minimum 15 dollars and hour. That’s right, liberals want to pay people 15 dollars an hour to screw up fast food orders.

One should not be making a career out of a low skill, low paying job. If one wants more then it is wise to get educated, improve skills and seek higher skill, higher paying jobs.

It is tough to have a living on the current minimum. How on Earth is one supposed to pay for a smart phone, two cars (or one really expensive one), a place to live with air conditioning and heating along with big screen TVs and satellite or cable. Those things will not pay for themselves and they are a right, at least according to the liberals who expect business owners to cough up more money for low skilled workers.

As an aside, I do not agree with a minimum wage. Employers should be able to establish whatever wage they want to attract workers. If people want the job they agree to the pay. If the pay is too low they go somewhere else and that will force the business in question to raise its wages. The free market works well when it is really free.

Looks like San Francisco, a city in the land of fruits, nuts and flakes, decided not to wait for federal action to raise the minimum wage. It implemented a graduated raise with little thought or regard to what it would do to businesses. Why would they worry? According to liberals business owners are wealthy greedy people who hoarde their money and underpay the workers who are nothing more than slave labor.

Well, it appears as if the city got a lesson in economics:

San Franciscans had also enjoyed frequenting Borderland Books for the past 18 years to read and acquire new and used books. It’s been the perfect haunt to spend rainy San Francisco afternoons, and it’s been enjoyed by many through the years.

In fact, last year was Borderland’s most profitable year, even in the face of online competition like Amazon and Audiobooks, and other means of acquiring and reading books. That provides further confirmation just how many San Franciscans have enjoyed the quaint establishment. [Read mote at Viral Buzz]

In the end businesses that can’t afford the wage increase will close or move. If for some reason the business is able to stay the cost to consumers will rise. When labor costs rise product costs rise. Businesses never really pay tax or wage increases because those costs are passed on to consumers. If, as in the case of a bookstore where the price is fixed by the publisher, the cost can’t be passed on then the business will close or relocate.

This will happen all over and people will suffer. Fast food places will use more machines and fewer workers, other businesses will refuse to hire people that do not have training or experience and others will simply close or move.

In the end, government meddling will harm the people.

It is OK to liberals though. To them, the intentions were pure and that is all that matters…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Minimum Wage Maximum Destruction”

  1. Barbara says:

    Yeah, this is totally stupid. All the illegals should be proud. They will be making more now, and the screws will be put to US citizens, who are already having jobs taken by Illegals. Them Obama voters need to rises up and raise some hell, they do for other things. Apparently they do not know they are being used by a forked tongue snake.