Military Recruiters Allowed On Campus

The Supreme Court ruled this week that the federal government may withhold funding from schools that do not allow military recruiters the same access as other employers. In December the ACLU filed a friend of the court brief urging the SCOTUS to rule it unconstitutional that Congress force recruiters on law schools that view the don’t ask, don’t tell policy as discriminatory.

I have written about this in the past when some leftist wacko woman began belly aching that recruiters were targeting children at her kid’s school. The discussion went on to the college argument and I made the argument that if the school wanted the money they had to abide by the rules established to get said money. I remember saying something to the effect that in typical liberal style the schools wanted to enter an agreement and then change the conditions to something they were happier with. I don’t care if they do not allow recruiters on their campuses so long as my tax money does not go to the school. If you take my money then you get recruiters.

Seems to me from what I have seen of many college kids today that most would benefit from the discipline offered in the military. Too often these whiny kids are not disciplined enough to get up for class or to make it on time. They have poor study habits and think that their time spent in school is for one big drunken social party. The sad thing is that when they graduate they expect to be handed the world on a platter. Most do not want to work their way to the top, they expect to start there. By giving them the chance to communicate with a recruiter schools are giving them an opportunity to enter a profession where they will start at the bottom and work their way up. They will be taught discipline and they will learn the value of teamwork.

Then again since most colleges are liberal bastions and have a genuine hate for the military who they view as a bunch of red-neck Jesus lovers who kill in the name of God, it is understandable that the university would want to shield their subjects from them. They are certainly entitled to that opinion but so long as they are willing to take tax money that comes from the families of those red-neck killers they better be willing to let recruiters on campus. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the military and dealt another blow to the communists at the ACLU.

Source: Stop the ACLU
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