Milblogger Injured

Little Green Footballs and Blackfive are reporting that Milblogger J. R. Salzman has been injured by an IED. He lost his right arm and his left arm and hand are injured. He is at Walter Reed and is reported to be in good spirits. He will receive a laptop from Soldier’s Angels from Project Valour-IT. Thanks to all who have contributed to that cause.

Please visit Salzman’s site and give him your best wishes.

This is sad news and it reminds us of the dangers our heroes face every day in the name of freedom.

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2 Responses to “Milblogger Injured”

  1. I’ll immediately go to his web site to leave a message.

  2. Rosemary says:

    Thanks Big Dog. I got the news through my feed with Blackfive. It sure does hit home. But then again, don’t they all?