Mike Hersh has all the Whackos

Over at Mike Hersh’s web site some whacko woman named Mary MacElveen asks some pointed questions in the wake of the tsunami. She makes some obviously kool aid induced points in trying to compare the tsunami to 9/11.

In one day, Mother Nature herself became the ultimate destructive force taking out the lives of 12,500 innocent people in Sri Lanka, nearly 5,000 in Indonesia, and 4,000 in India as reported by the International Red Cross. They also expressed concern where diseases like malaria and cholera could add to the toll. These numbers are far greater than the attacks that befell us on September 11th, 2001.

Here is a kool aid drinker comparing 9/11 to Mother Nature. Just so we are clear here, one was a deliberate attack on innocent civilians, the other was a terrible loss of life caused by an act of nature. This Mary chick tries to draw a comparison by two things that are vastly different. Here is more of the lunacy.

Did the world stop on this very day as it did on September 11th to pay homage to these innocent souls? Where is the collective sympathy of the leaders of the free world? Is President [sic] Bush asking us to sacrifice anything or to go shopping as he did shortly after September 11th?

Hey knucklehead, There was a great deal of praying going on for these people. The left did not notice because they do not want to violate the fictitious separation of Church and State lie that they keep touting. I think there was a great deal of sympathy expressed by many leaders. I know you wanted Bush to jump right up from whatever he was doing and make a statement. There was not a great deal of information and who would he be making a speech to? The people not affected had televisions and could see what was going on. Those affected had other things to worry about even if TV was available. We did not have to be told to go shopping. It is the Christmas season and a lot of shopping takes place at that time. If you would stop taking Christmas out of the season you would have known that. No one was afraid here because the tsunami was not a group of terrorists trying to kill them. We knew what the situation was and we knew it was Mother Nature, not terrorists.

As it stands right now,(29 Dec 04) the United States is set to send over $15 million dollars aid package to the Asian countries, and the 25-nation European Union promised to quickly deliver $4 million. That is far too little especially considering that in one day 22,500 are now dead. Where is the outrage in giving so little to help these people?

The United States made an INITIAL pledge of 15 million dollars. That was raised to 35 million and currently stands at 350 million. I believe we did what the President said. We made an initial pledge and then raised it after more reports came in. There is no outrage because most thinking people know the meaning of initial. They know what it means when we say “for starters.” Only whackos who look for every excuse to blast the President (and graduates of the public school system) do not know what this means.

The leaders of the free world will pay defense contractors billions of dollars in no bid contracts to wage war, yet very little is given to scientists to help predict these devastating forces of nature. We as human beings must and can do better than that. How is this acceptable to all of us?

I could not let this get by. I am tired of saying it but here goes again. Halliburton was the only contractor in place and completely able to do what we needed done. Bill Clinton gave them a no bid contract when he invaded Serbia for the very same reasons. The idiots on the left need to stop this crusade against Halliburton and move on. They do not want social security to be privatized. They want the government to run it exclusively. I say the government has a no bid contract for my retirement money. Perhaps we can get the left to open up now and let us have competitive bids for our retirement money. Doubt it, they like to spend our money.

Mother Nature herself is sending us so many signals of her displeasure and we are not listening to these messages. Case in point was the four destructive hurricanes that hit the state of Florida this past year.

Here is the whacko statement of the year. Mother Nature is upset with us. Look at the hurricanes in Florida. This is one of those urban legends you hear about. I have a question for you dipstick. If Mother Nature is upset with us (that is why she attacked Florida) then why did she kill so many people in Asia? Don’t you think all those people in Florida would have died? You really believe that God was mad because Al Gore lost? God does not like baby murderers. He is not happy with gay marriage. God does not like the way the left has excluded him from everything. Why on Earth would God be mad that Al Gore lost? I say God is happy because George Bush won. I’m sure God made it happen that way for a reason.

This donk din-a-ling needs to be in a straight jacket. I think Mike Hersh gets them all over there. He will be going on for the next four years saying Bush stole another election. Kerry could have dropped out and he would be making the same claims.

I am just waiting to see how the kool aid drinkers from the left pin this tsunami on George Bush. Perhaps Dan Rather can get the memo….

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