Mike Hersh Denonstrates the Problem with Donks

The election is over and the results have finally been tallied. Now the republicans will get back to the business of running the country while the left analyses the election to death to figure out why they lost. I believe they will not find the answer anytime soon. The left is so confident that they are correct and everyone else is wrong they will not be able to see that they are out of touch with most of America. Take Mike Hersh and the ding-a-lings over at his site. You have seen posts from me in the past that show how this guy will do anything to get Bush out of office. He has told so many lies I think he is beginning to believe them. In addition, he does not want to hear any dissenting opinions. He does not have the ability for anyone to comment at his site so the only way to communicate is by email. Problem is, he edits your email and then publishes it with a condescending rant on how you are some kind of inferior jerk and he has “destroyed” you and your argument. Then he blocks your email from his server so it gets returned. Sounds like little penis syndrome to me, but that is his problem.
Let’s take a look at the analysis from the “intellectuals” at Mike Hersh.com:

Bev Harris, Executive Director of Black Box Voting writes: Our organization has taken the position that fraud took place in the 2004 election through electronic voting machines. We base this on hard evidence, documents obtained in public records requests, inside information, and other data indicative of manipulation of electronic voting systems. What we do not know is the specific scope of the fraud. We are working now to compile the proof, based not on soft evidence – red flags, exit polls – but core documents obtained by Black Box Voting in the most massive Freedom of Information action in history

Here is a ding-a-ling named Bev Harris telling us they know voter fraud took place. They have taken the position that fraud took place and they have soft evidence. How about the fraud toward republicans. All those who were denied in Chicago, the voter fraud capital of the country. How about the votes in the machines in Philadelphia before the polling places opened. How about the large number of republicans who had to vote on a provisional ballot because their names were mysteriously removed from the rolls. If any fraud took place it went both ways. I have a novel idea. If you guys are so worried about voter fraud why do you fight requirements for photo ID to vote? Perhaps it is because it would make it harder for you guys to cheat. I think it is amazing that you need an ID to get on a plane or to cash a check but not to vote. You want reform in this country let’s start with voter reform and close the loopholes the donks have exploited for years. Remember, 10 out of 10 dead people vote democrat.

Here is something else from moonbat central:

Jodi Schmidt writes: Remember, Kerry won more states than Gore did. Bush’s media-pimped “man date” is confined to a razor-thin and questionable Ohio “victory” and a few million votes concentrated in Texas and the whiter parts of the South. Don’t let our enemies dictate our agenda.

Here is a moonbat saying there is no mandate because the victory was a razor thin, questionable vote in Ohio. Hey moonbat, perhaps you should pay attention to the world. First of all, Bush won more counties than in 2000. If you look at a county by county map you will see George Bush won thousands of them compared to Kerry’s hundreds. Kerry won populated areas of large metropolitan areas. In California, he only won the very western part. The rest of the state voted Bush. The western most part just has most of the population. The victory in Ohio was only questionable to the donks. John Kerry conceded because he knew there was no way to win. Believe me, if there was any chance at all of showing fraud or reversing the Ohio vote Kerry would have never conceded. He knew he could not prove fraud especially since it did not exist. It is amazing that the moonbats would accuse people in the various states of cheating. These are hard working people who just want to get it right. Are there people who do bad things? Sure, like voting for old people by pushing the Kerry button without asking who they want to vote for. This was reported and is on record but Hersh and Moore and the rest of the conspiracy theorists do not point this out. Another thing. Why are you not questioning the vote in Pennsylvania or New Hampshire? They went for Kerry and NH was a smaller margin than Ohio. If you want to be fair shouldn’t we have a look at that one. Or are you saying that it is only questionable when Bush wins? Those others must be right because only insane people voted for Bush. Get real and get over it. This moonbat also refers to the right as “our enemies.” I have always been of the mind that we are not enemies just adversaries. I guess this shows how the left thinks. Thing is, they were willing to float the idea that France, Russia, and Germany wanted Kerry. They let us know how he spoke to many world leaders (also proven to be a lie) and they wanted him in there. Arafat, the terrorist leader of Palestine, endorsed Kerry. Well, Ms. moonbat, you got your wish. We DID NOT let our enemies dictate our agenda.

I also commented recently how Hersh keeps saying we are going to have a draft. This is untrue and I debunked his assertion in an earlier post. He is trying to stir up bad feelings. When I was a kid we called his kind sore losers. If you want to read more about the draft go to the Urban Legends Post.
Mike Hersh writes: Millions of voters failed the test of citizenship, in part because Republicans lie so effectively and the media refuse to do their jobs. For example, Dick Cheney threatened Americans saying a vote for Kerry was a vote for a devastating nuclear attack in our cities. Those most familiar with real al Qaeda attacks rejected Cheney’s indefensible threats. Ground Zero for 9/11 – New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia and even Northern Virginia supported the Democrats. Still, Cheney’s vicious campaign worked by exploiting fear of terrorism elsewhere.

Republicans created and benefited from a massive information vacuum through dishonesty and immorality. Media irresponsibility helped maintain this fog of deceit. In this environment, the Democrats failed as teachers. The Republican method rests on manipulating misinformed people, and making sure they remain misinformed and pliable. While Democrats try to educate the electorate, Republicans try to trick voters and – failing that – to deny voting rights. Democrats have to knit together facts honestly into a compelling narrative. It should be easy. In the end, the truth always beats lies.

Get this. Because people voted for Bush they failed the citizenship test. This must include the military members who voted overwhelmingly for Bush. Well twit boy, perhaps you would like to tell a bunch of our American heroes they failed. I’ll bet it will take you a month to get all the boot prints out of your rear end. The republicans were very good at lying and playing fear. Let us think about this Hersh. Who was it that said all his military records had been released when they had not? Who was it that said he was in Cambodia but then had to say he was not? Who was it that said the missing explosives could be used to level buildings and bring down airplanes? Now I ask you why you have not pointed out these lies of Kerry and the fears he raised about explosives that were missing before we arrived and had been gone for over 18 months? There are many examples of Kerry lies on the campaign trail but you chose to ignore them. You have ignored the fact that Kerry was a traitor and should have been tried for treason. You have ignored the fact that documents linking him to Hanoi have surfaced. You have ignored the story that indicates Kerry most likely received a dishonorable discharge for collaborating with the enemy. So who is it that really needs to be educated? I would also challenge you to show one instance where the republicans were immoral. Why were you not so enraged when Clinton was immoral? You make the claim that the media is biased toward Bush. What planet are you from? Rather ran phony documents and the NYT and 60 Minutes were in cahoots to run the explosives story, that they knew was old and false, just before the election to hurt Bush. ABC had its memo informing the staff that they did not have to treat the candidates fairly and that they could be more harsh on Bush. The MSM never investigated the stories I alluded to above. When Fox called Ohio for Bush the Kerry folks got on the phone and called the other networks and told them not to call it. They listened. Stolen Honor was protested and lawsuits were threatened against theater owners who showed it but the same thing never happened with F9/11. Amazing how you can look at the same things as the rest of us and arrive at so many wrong conclusions. This has been a problem of the left for a long time. You argue from a position of emotion rather than using logic.

Their Plan B is to impeach Bush. Good luck folks. He has not committed an impeachable offense. I guess you were just as adamant about Clinton being impeached for his antics in office. Oh yea, Clinton was a democrat so he did not do anything wrong. Well donks, if Clinton had not been so preoccupied with his sextraciricular activities perhaps he would not have emboldened the terrorists to attack us. We are mopping up the mess he left by being passive towards attacks on our nation.
Mike Hersh is an idiot. He has a self esteem problem that requires him to show the rest of us how stupid we are. He probably has a mental illness because he is always talking about conspiracies against the nation by the Bush family. Hersh, I know you think your liberal ideologies make you superior to those of us on the right that are too stupid to get it. Perhaps one day you would like to get in a ring with me, right against left and we can see how well your side does. I’m just kidding, my mother taught me not to pick on the weak.

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