Mike Hersh Cries Again!

Mike Hersh has been crying since the election. This is the guy who has been hard on President Bush since the 2000 election. He has it in his mind that Bush was not elected despite the count, and recount, and recount, etc. He is even saying that George Bush stole this election! This is from his site:

Despite promises to fight for every vote, Kerry rolled over and let Bush get away with stealing another election.

He is of the mind that John Kerry should have contested Ohio and fought for every vote. Hey Mike, he could not win. It was a mathematical impossibility. He would have needed every provisional vote that was cast and even Stevie Wonder could see that wouldn’t happen.

This guy claims that Bush is bad but he is nothing more than a partisan hack. He did not care who won as long as it was not Bush and it was a democrat. This guy thinks Bill Clinton was the best president we have ever had. I can tell you that all through the election he has been talking Kerry up and saying how we need to beat Bush. This is from his post election commentary (emphasis mine):

Sen. John Kerry tried to straddle and finesse too many important issues, and inexplicably halted his campaign for critical weeks during the summer. His choices and tactics failed to deliver. He rolled over to right wing crimes and dirty tricks. He betrayed the voters in Ohio and elsewhere without a fight. In the end, Kerry was an unworthy choice, as I’d feared from the first.

Here is a guy admitting that while he was telling you to vote for Kerry he had doubts about Kerry’s worthiness. How can you trust a person who wants to remove President Bush and replace him with someone who is UNWORTHY? If this guy represents the democratic base the they are in trouble.

Here twit boy even brings up the idea that the Republicans will bring back the draft.

know this is hard to believe, but it’s true. The Republicans want to restart mandatory military service. We know this as “The Draft.” The Republicans do not respect our all-volunteer military. Even though it’s the mightiest fighting force ever seen in history. Even though that’s all we needed to win the Cold War.

He cites HB 3598 from the 107th Congress in 2001. There is a link on his site to this bill. What he neglects to tell anyone is that this bill dies. It was sponsored by 2 republicans (just as Bush took office and BEFORE 9/11 or the GWOT) and one of the sponsors withdrew his support. The bill died. Here is what I found:

Enlightened minds in Congress?:On the 20th of March 2002, Representative Ron Paul sponsored and introduced House Congressional Resolution 368. Expressing the sense of Congress that reinstating the military draft or implementing any other form of compulsory military service in the United States would be detrimental to the long-term military interests of the United States, violative of individual liberties protected by the Constitution, and inconsistent with the values underlying a free society as expressed in the Declaration of Independence
Unbelievable good news!: One of the bills co-sponsors has withdrawn his support for this piece of legislative garbage. On the 11th of April 2002, Representative Curt Weldon withdrew his support for the bill
This bill is dead and you will notice that it was deemed that a draft would be detrimental to the long term military interests of the US. Perhaps we should ask Mike Hersh why he picked this to try and scare the public, especially the draft aged people. It would be more interesting to hear Hersh explain why he neglected to inform his readers that the DEMOCRATS introduced bills (one Senate, one House) to reinstitute the draft. All the sponsors were democrats, ALL OF THEM. They did this in the election year to hurt the President but the Republicans called for a vote on the bills and they were soundly defeated. The sponsors even voted against the bills. Hey Hersh, why did you leave this out. George Bush said there would not be a draft. Like him or not when he says something he means it.
Mike Hersh is a sore loser and he is bad for this country. I am glad that we live in a free society where he can speak his mind, I just wish he would learn when not to speak. He is a LIAR and he will say anything to push the liberal agenda. He is full of crap and anyone who believes him needs help.
Mike, go find that POS Michael Moore and crawl under a rock with him. You two can swap lies with each other.

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