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Harriet Miers, President Bush’s nomination to the Supreme Court, has withdrawn her name from consideration. It was a tough battle and it did not appear she had enough votes to be confirmed. I was not happy or sad with her choice because it is the President’s and I respect that. Additionally, I am not happy or sad about her withdrawal. There was a great deal of politics involved and realistically, that is the way DC works.

Now let us think about the possibilities. Before Roberts was nominated a great deal of pressure was placed on the President to select a woman, a minority, or a person who had never been a judge and not necessarily even been a lawyer. Suppose President Bush asked some of the people whose names have been mentioned and they did not want the job. Now he wants a man or some ultra conservative. He knows that he can not pick the “wrong” person or he will catch it from both sides. So he and Miers work out a deal where he nominates her, she goes through a month of bashing and then withdraws citing the need to maintain confidentiality with the President. She can not disclose what they have discussed and the Senate will want to know.

Now, Bush is free to nominate anyone he wants. If he nominates a man and people say he should have nominated a woman he can tell them he did and she was rejected. He can nominate an ultra conservative and tell the Republicans, especially the RINOs, that is what they wanted so shut up and vote yes. He can have it anyway he wants it because Miers was his first choice.

Is this a real scenario? Who knows, but George Bush is craftier than anyone thinks.

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6 Responses to “Miered In Politics, Open Trackback”

  1. Alexandra says:

    Your trackback did not go through to my site, can you do it again?

  2. The Wayfarer says:

    While I am not a big fan of many of our President’s policies and actions (failure to secure our borders, increasing government spending/waste, etc.) I am a big fan of him personally. One of the reasons being I think him incapable of doing what you suggest. Not because he isn’t smart enough, cagey enough or anything like that, but I can not believe he would put a close personal friend through such an ordeal. I don’t even believe he would put someone he didn’t much care for through such an ordeal.

    No, for whatever reason, President Bush made a bad choice this time around. As I have previously stated, I think it was a desire to get someone through the process without a fight. With no background to speak of, he thought it would be difficult to find anything not to like about Miers. Wrong!

    To quote a wise man “Fighting not good. But if you must fight, win.” Now is the time where he must fight and I hope the President realizes as much. The leftists in the gov’t and their allies in the mainstream press (Kennedy, Reid, NYT, CNN, and their ilk) will not be happy no matter what he does so Mr. Bush may as well appoint a true conservative/originalist. When the filibuster is invoked, as it will be, the Senate must then use the constitutional option. To paraphrase Al Davis, the leftist opposition must go down, and they must go down hard.

  3. Big Dog says:

    I don’t think he did it either. I figure this is as good a scenario as some of the others that have been passing around. As you know I don’t necessarily think she was a bad choice I think it was a bad choice to pick his personal attorney.

    However, since this week is conspiracy theory week with spys outed and and all that stuff I figured I could add one to the mix. Wonder how far it will go?

  4. Kelt says:

    Craftier, eh? Elaborate?
    You think it was some sort of trickery?

  5. Big Dog says:

    Well, this is what the Federalist Patriot said not long ago. They have changed their opinion since then but it is plausible. I do not necessarily agree but it is as good as any other conspiracy theory.

    The Patriot’s legal analysts immediately conjectured that the only logical explanation was that the Miers nomination might be part of a macro-strategy to rally Mr. Bush’s conservative base around a negative, then, when opposition reached a fever pitch, Miers would withdraw her name and the President would nominate a compelling and credentialed conservative such as Brown, Owen, Edith Jones or Michael Luttig. The base would then be reinvigorated, singly-focused on that nominee’s success

  6. David says:

    Hmmm… elsewhere I said, “…Were Machiavelli pulling the White House strings, I might suspect the Miers nomination to have been a stalking horse, effected to stiffen the spine of some single-celled Republican Senators.

    But surely no one in the White House—not even Karl “Satan Incarnate (to Demoncraps)” Rove—is that Machiavellian… are they?”

    It’s possible, but for anyone within the “Stupid Party” to be smart enough to float a ploy like that is nearly unimaginable.


    Though one could wish it were so…

    I could dearly wish for a strong majority of Republican congresscritters (in both houses) to both grow some stones and some brains, but it seems like some pretty far-fetched science fiction to think that could happen in my lifetime.


    But *accedie* is a “deadly sin”…