Mickey Mouse before Giuliani

The more I listen to Rudy Giuliani the more I am convinced that he should not be the president of this country. I don’t really care how much he touts his so-called record in New York City and how he spins his liberal positions, he is not a Conservative. The only way Rudy Giuliani should be president is if he runs as a Democrat so his liberal views would fit better with the party. Rudy is pro- abortion and, despite how he tries to spin it, he is not a friend of the Second Amendment. He is a gun grabber and he would be happy taking our guns away.

I am not even focusing on those issues. They are known as are his other more liberal life choices. No, I am interested in ILLEGAL immigration and Rudy does not pass muster on that topic. In the debate the other night Rudy gave this great spin about why he allowed New York City to become a sanctuary city. He spun it like Charlotte spinning a web and he basically tried to rationalize why he did what he did, in part, by laying the blame on immigration services. They are, by no means perfect, but one incompetent act should not be excused by another.

In an interview, Rudy Giuliani said that ILLEGALS being here was not a crime and that it is just hard for us to understand. I will admit that I am not the big time lawyer Rudy is but since he is unable to follow the law and he is unable to recognize the Second Amendment as a right of the people, I am unsure as to has the difficult time understanding these things. Here is what Rudy said about immigration in an interview with Glenn Beck:

GLENN: Right. But isn’t illegal immigration a crime in and of itself?


GLENN: Aren’t you saying —


GLENN: You’re protecting criminals by saying that being treated as a criminal is unfair.

GIULIANI: Glenn, it’s not a crime. I know that’s very hard for people to understand, but it’s not a federal crime.

GLENN: It’s a misdemeanor but if you’ve been nailed, it is a crime. If you’ve been nailed, ship back and come back, it is a crime.
Glenn Beck.com

Once again this master politician is spinning things. Beck asked him about the criminal behavior and he said it is not a crime. Then he said it is not a federal crime. Technically, he is right because getting caught entering is a felony but being found here is a misdemeanor. This is a flaw in the law but it does not give license to politicians to decide that they will ignore the misdemeanor. Rudy has this idea that reporting ILLEGALS who register kids in school, go to the hospital, or report crime is a bad thing. What sense does it make to say that we will ignore your crime if you report another one? Getting a traffic ticket is a misdemeanor. Will they excuse mine if I report another crime? What happens if I (or an ILLEGAL) only report another misdemeanor? Will they arrest the other person while ignoring our transgressions? The law is the law and when we start excusing one form of lawbreaking it ends up in chaos.

Rudy is not alone in this idea that we should excuse the illegal behavior of certain classes of people. Rudy claims to be tough on crime and that he saved New York, like its very own Mafioso Superman, from all the bad guys but while he was locking those up he invited many more to come in and he welcomed them with open arms. He can tout his toughness on crime but he is really poor at enforcing the law (especially against non citizens) and he excuses that poor showing by claiming that it is not a crime to be here illegally. Like I pointed out before, this is a flaw in the law that is met with resistance each time someone with testicular fortitude (not Giuliani) addressed it (the last attempt to make it a felony is how Rudy justifies saying it is not a crime spin, spin, spin). How would America, and Mr. tough on crime Rudy, act if the law said that in order for rape (or child molestation) to be a felony the perp had to be caught IN THE ACT but If he commits the crime and leaves and then is caught later (through DNA or other forensics) he is just charged with a misdemeanor. Let us apply this to the rest of Rudy’s ideas.

Suppose that rapist is stabbed by the victim (in Rudy’s world he could not get shot because there are no guns) during the rape and he goes to the hospital. Should the hospital and any police involved ignore the rape because arresting the guy might discourage other rapists from seeking medical treatment? If a child molester who repeatedly rapes his own kid goes to enroll the child in school, should the school and the police ignore the child’s complaints of the abuse because it might discourage child molesters from registering their children in school? Keep in mind, the complaint of the child has no bearing because he is the victim. American citizens who complain about ILLEGAL immigration are ignored in the very same fashion. Now on to reporting crime. If a rapist just gets done brutally raping a woman and is on his way to find another victim when he sees a man rob a bank should the police ignore his crime when he says “I just got done raping a woman when I saw that guy robbing the bank” because rapists might not report crimes if we hold them accountable for what they have done? And in Rudy’s world, is it OK to say that the bank robber is guilty of a misdemeanor because they caught him with the money but not robbing the bank?

Rudy is caught in a tough spot because he welcomed ILLEGALS with open arms and said that they were the kind of people New York wanted. I imagine that Rudy and all his rich friends needed nannies, lawn care workers, and people to park their cars. In the real world, people work hard for the little they have left over after the government extorts from them. They live their lives following the law and expect others, especially our elected leaders, to do the same. Rudy does not get that because he can nuance his answers and spin around the truth of his liberal ways. He can rationalize how an American citizen is not afforded the right to keep and bear arms as clearly indicated in the Constitution but that ILLEGALS are worthy of opportunities and services that they are not entitled to.

America does not need Rudy Giuliani as president. He is a RINO and his liberal ways play out well with some Americans but if we are going to put Rudy in office then why not just vote for Obama? He is a liberal and at least he says he is a liberal. If Giuliani gets the Republican nod I will vote for a third party candidate or write in Mickey Mouse because at least Mickey does not hide the fact that he is fake.

I indicated earlier that I had not decided who I would back in the primaries and I still think it is too early. However, it is not too early for me to decide who I will not back and Giuliani is one I will definitely not back. Sorry Rudy, I know Bob Ehrlich is working to get you elected and I like Bob but I can not help put you in office. I was willing to wait to hear your explanations on your gun stances and abortion to ensure I knew what the truth was. I now know the truth and your stance in ILLEGAL immigration was the icing on the cake. As an aside, Rudy says that ILLEGAL immigration SHOULD NOT be a crime because the government would not be able to prosecute it. It makes me wonder if that would be true if we all decided not to pay our taxes.

Anyone who puts the welfare of and concern for non citizens above the concerns and welfare of those of us who belong here is not fit to hold the office of president. Like George W Bush, you seem to have problems understanding what the ILLEGAL in “illegal immigrant” means.

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3 Responses to “Mickey Mouse before Giuliani”

  1. Ogre says:

    Good comparisons!

    Indeed, the vast majority of his positions are Democrat, not Republican. That’s one reason the press loves him — if he wins the nomination, the people get to pick from one of two liberals.

  2. GM says:

    Giuliani has much to recommend him. Being president isn’t one of them.

  3. kender says:

    entering is illegal, being here illegally is not…..coming back after having been deported is a felony however, so immigration status should be checked by regular cops, as if they are dealing with an illegal that has already been deported once then they are most likely dealing with a felon.