Michelle O To Blacks, Have Fried Chicken

Michelle Obama was doing an interview on a predominantly black program where she was discussing voting and she told the folks that she gave them permission to eat fried chicken after they voted.

First of all why does anyone need Michelle Obama’s permission to eat anything?

Second, is this considered racist?

If a white Republican had given permission to black folks to eat fried chicken how would it have been received? You know as well as I that the left would have come unhinged and claimed that the remark was racist.

Moochelle gets a pass because she is black and a liberal.

It is indicative of how liberals in high places treat minorities even when the liberal in the high place is black. She is treating them as good little servants who can get a reward when they do the master’s bidding.

I hope the folks to whom she addressed her remarks go out and vote Republican and then treat themselves to whatever they can afford to eat. Might be Ramen noodles considering the Obama economy.

But no matter what they eat they certainly don’t need her permission to eat it…

Remember to vote today and get as many Democrats out of office as possible.

Daily Caller

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