Michael Schiavo Speaks Out For The Kos

Gribbit from over at Gribbit’s Word sent me an email with a link to an interesting item. The item is a blog piece over at Daily Kos, the moonbat site where people like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi stop by and opine (and the readers think they are celebrities). The newest addition to the crack writers at Kos is none other than Michael Schiavo. I am sure that many people remember Michael as the man who claims (it was never in writing) that his wife Terri requested never to be kept alive in the condition she was in. Despite the desire of her biological family, she was allowed to die.

The whole Schiavo fiasco was full of politics though it should not have been. The judge had two conflicting stories and he chose the one that could not be reversed. He allowed Terri to be put to death based upon the word of her husband. Florida Governor Jeb Bush tried to intervene as did the Republicans in Congress but it was to no avail and Terri died. Now Michael is using the situation to push an entirely ill founded moonbat agenda. He is using his celebrity as a culture of death icon to bash the current administration.

Nearly half of Americans (49%) approved of George Bush’s job performance before he and other right-wing politicians tried to score political points from my deeply personal family tragedy.

If you believe in polls, the President has never recovered.

The President’s respect and popularity took a fatal hit from their illegal and unprecedented attempts to use politics to block me from fulfilling Terri’s wishes. For the first time, Americans saw leaders in our government selling our individual rights and ignoring the law just because they thought they knew better.

It was a shameful public display by a breed of politician who use the power of government for no other aim than to gain more power. Since then, these same right-wing leaders in our government have ordered eavesdropping on Americans, compiled the world’s largest collection of private information on Americans and released savage personal and political attacks on their opponents.

Believe me; I know what those attacks are like – I have to be among the most investigated men in America.

Their attacks on me, Ambassador Joe Wilson and others are equal parts fiction and intensity. They are as relentless as they are baseless. And they have only one aim – discredit those who would question what our government is doing.

Poor Michael is one of the most investigated men in America. Perhaps it is because his wife’s condition came under suspicious circumstances, he shacked up with (had children by) and later married another woman, all while still being married to Terri. Did he ever divorce Terri? That would have been in everyone’s best interest but Michael Schiavo was never concerned with anyone’s interest but his own. If we are to believe Schiavo, the President’s approval rating went down because of the actions that were taken in his wife’s case. This little, little man gives himself way too much credit. I guess that combined with his stint at Kos helps stroke his pathetically deranged ego.

You can see from the quote above and from the article at Kos that Michael has been drinking the moonbat kool-aid. He wants us to believe that Joe Wilson was telling the truth and that everyone in the Bush administration is our to discredit people. Never mind the fact that every time Bush breaks wind someone from the left is out to discredit him and accuse him of breaking the law. The hatred that people on the left espouse is so divisive and bad for this country. The reason they act this way is that they are poor losers who do not know how to play well with others.

Michael Schiavo wants readers to believe that the Bush administration is an evil entity. I will throw this out for you to ponder; who would you rather align yourself with, the people who will fight to keep an innocent person alive or the group that will fight to kill an innocent person? To put it another way, would you rather align yourself with people who will fight with all their resources to keep a convicted murderer from death while using that same energy to put an innocent person to death or with the group that will execute murderers while protecting the innocent? It is a matter of choice and with the moonbats that choice is the culture of death. Abortion and killing innocent people is acceptable to them as is keeping alive a person who murdered other people.

Michael Schiavo should pray (like that happens) that he is never incapacitated for any reason. The very people he is aligning with will stand in line to pull the switch on his sorry existence.

Source: Daily POS Kos

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One Response to “Michael Schiavo Speaks Out For The Kos”

  1. Bosun says:

    Michael is a real piece of work. He, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore and the rest of them are full of BS. And the koolaid drinkers would rather listen to them.

    Our country and the morals values and ethics of our society is being turned completely upside down.

    And I spent 30 years in the military defending what I though was the America way of life. I cannot even recognize it anymore.

    In California, some black robes have decide to remove the cross from Mt Soledad ( Check out Griz’ poem at God Bless America) and the California Senate passed SB 1457 (approved 22-15) that may very well bar “Mom” and “Dad” from school textbooks. Then we have the leaking national security information and all the other corrupt things that are happening common place these days.

    Unfortunately, the United States of America is going to hell in fruit basket of leftism.