Michael Moore Will Ignore This

Before I start on Moore, I have been invited to guest blog at tryontheglasses. I posted my first musing there today. It deals with how we need to make a hit list for the next election. I invite you to check it out.

Everybody’s favorite jackass, Michael Moore, is out shooting another crocumentary. This one is about the pharmaceutical industry. I am sure it will be full of lies and distortions. Moore will regurgitate the democrats blather about the expense of drugs. Drugs are expensive. Perhaps with some tort reform we would not have a problem, but that is for another posting.

Moore will tell us that the evil drug companies make a fortune off us, unlike the great Hollywood types who know how we live. They are the giving bunch and the drug companies are run by evil republicans who exploit the elderly. I am willing to bet Moore leaves out some important information.

He will miss the fact that the major drug companies in America have given more money to the tsunami victims than some countries. In addition, they are giving much needed drugs for the victims. I’ll bet you will not see that in his next film. I wonder if he will address why those lefties in Hollywood have been rather stingy with their money. How many of the big names who bashed Bush have given anything near what the pharmaceutical companies have?

BTW, Bush gave 10k of his own money. How much did Kerry, Edwards, and the gang give. THK has more money than the GDP of some countries that were hit. She could pony up a bit. They only want to spend YOUR money.

Here is the story. Send it to Moore before he gets his film in the can.

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