Michael Moore Violating Privacy?

There is a report that Michael Moore is working on his latest fakumentary entitled “Sicko” which will exploit the drug companies in America. Moore is entitled to produce as much fiction as he desires and he does a good job of it. Despite over 50 errors in F911, many people still believe what he projects in that film. Moore has found it more difficult to waltz into a place and start asking questions and filming (people are tired of being misrepresented) so he has allegedly resorted to something that I think might violate the law:

But reports have said that Moore is using hidden cameras in doctors’ offices to expose corruption within the drug biz. And a person close to the project says the helmer was most recently in Miami shooting at a weight-loss clinic.

The HIPAA law provides for a lot of privacy concerning people seeking medical care and if Moore is filming people without their knowledge or consent, he is quite possibly breaking the law. I suppose he could easily “fuzzy” out people’s names but it seems to me that he is violating the rights of the privacy of the people. I wonder how well received this would be if he were secretly filming women in an abortion clinic.

Read it here.

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