Michael Moore Shows What Thinks He Is Made Of

Michael Moore was recently seen demonstrating what he wished for as a child (I think it will be this long mommy). He then proceeded to state that this is the symbol he shows to women who he wants to impress them. I think he is exaggerating just a bit but this would stand to reason, like a 0-2 batter he has no balls balls on him.
I figure Mike has to try to show off and hope he gets a drunk woman’s attention, I mean have you ever looked at this guy? He looks like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I am having a hard time figuring out whether that is his head or his neck threw up. That could be the South end of a mule going North, I just can’t tell.
By the way he is posing here, I think this guy forgot the story of Pinocchio and thinks something besides his nose will grow when he tells a lie. This would explain why he makes movies with all those blatant lies in them.
I would prefer to think Michael Moore is pretending to hold a gun (you know, what he does not want us peons to have) and is contemplating what he will do if (when) George Bush wins in November.
Mike, I only have one question. Why wait?

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