Michael Moore is the Sicko

Michael Moore fancies himself as an expert on everything. He runs around with a camera and gets lots of footage and then he edits it and splices things in order to make things appear the way he wants. He is quite egotistical and lives in a delusional world where he believes that what he puts on film is correct. He has defended F 9/11 and said that everything in it is 100% accurate and that no one has been able to prove otherwise even though he offered $10,000 to anyone who could. There was one guy who found around 50 or so inaccuracies in the film. It will not matter to Michael because he is in need of mental help.

Mikey was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer in order to promote his new film Sicko. The film is about the health care system in the US and how it sucks compared to the rest of the world. He is in favor of getting rid of health insurance companies and having the government pay for everyone’s health care. Of course, this means that the taxpayer will foot the bill for everyone’s health care. Those who pay no taxes will get a free ride, but that is OK with Michael.

Michael tells us that socialized medicine will save us money and we have already proven we can run good socialized medicine because we do so already with Medicare and Medicaid. He even said that the Social Security System was a well run social program. Mike told Wolf that doctors prefer Medicare over a poor HMO because they will get paid by the government (taxpayer) but not the HMO. I happen to know this is untrue. Many doctors are opting out of Medicare because of all the burdensome regulations. In addition, doctors must take the fees that the government dictates are fair rather than what the care is worth. Mike even said that Medicare is underfunded which means he wants us to pay even more in taxes to fund a social medicine program that is terribly wasteful. What he also fails to tell is that many seniors pay for Medicare Part B in order to be able to afford their heath care.

Additionally, Medicare is set up so that the system is easily scammed. Each time a patient comes back to the hospital for another treatment the hospital is entitled to another payment, even if the hospital caused the problem (such as nosocomial infections). Medicare is not as efficient as private insurance where abuses of the system are not as great as they are under Medicare. Additionally, Medicaid covers about 59 million uninsured people and costs hundreds of billions of dollars. Add this to the hundreds of billions that Medicare costs and one can easily see that private insurance can be purchased for our seniors and the poor at a fraction of the cost of these programs. A 2006 study by the Council for Affordable Health Insurance which compared Medicare to private insurance concludes with:

However, the issue is not and should not be which segment, private sector insurers or government-run plans, has the lowest administrative costs. The issue should be which does the best job of providing quality health insurance coverage for the best price. When one looks at all of the money pouring into Medicare, even with the price controls imposed by the government, the answer has to be the private sector. Report [pdf]

Moore’s claims that Medicare is great and we have shown that the government can run things efficiently is absolutely wrong (where is my $10,000) and Michael should do his homework. One only needs to look at what happens to Medicare money to know why the government does not privatize health care. It is the same reason they will not privatize Social Security. The government takes the money and spends it on other things and then puts an IOU in the box. There is no hope that this money will ever get paid back.

Medicare spends much more than is necessary for health care and Medicaid has similar wastes associated with it. These systems along with Social Security will be bankrupt before too long. The government has wasted our money for so long by running expensive schemes that they will need to raise our taxes once again to keep up with spending. There are solutions to these problems and they do not involve socialized medicine as Michael Moore would have you believe. We need to take the insurance out of the hands of government and make it all privatized, just like we need to do with Social Security. Those plans are for a discussion at another time. Today we stick to Moore’s flame out.

Watch the video and listen to Moore. He is a rabid animal who spews out vile stupidity. He really needs mental help. One telling thing is when Blitzer offers to tape more of the interview (after they run out of time) and Moore tells him that he does not do taped interviews because they get edited. This comes from a man who got rich filming people and then editing the film to present things the way he wants. I agree with Clint Eastwood who told Moore if he ever knocked on his door and shoved a camera in his face, he [Eastwood] wood kill him. I like that plan.

The video is about Moore making fun of an Indian doctor’s name. Sanjay Gupta, who is quite skilled and well respected, is called a liar by Moore who says that the doctor has his facts wrong. Michael Moore tells Wolf that he [Moore] knows more than the doctor about health care. I wonder which of the two has actually seen patients and billed insurance companies?

I will offer that insurance is expensive because of the litigation that guys like John Edwards have been involved in. Additionally, ILLEGALS cost us billions in health care that taxpayers pay.

Moore might not understand this because he wants socialized medicine. I have one word for people who want socialized medicine:

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6 Responses to “Michael Moore is the Sicko”

  1. Noah Bennet says:

    Make sure you watch Gupta’s report, too. Especially the part where he compares spending in the USA and Cuba. He misquotes the Cuba number from the film, off by an order of magnitude, then leaves out per capita health care spending in the rest of the industrialized world. With this stupid mis-hearing and several creative omissions sprinkled through the “news” story, it’s no wonder Michael Moore got angry.

    Some of the claims in “Sicko” are no doubt made through rose-colored glasses, but no more so than those ads on television all the time that promise the possibility of four-hour erections.

  2. Big Dog says:

    I did not see Gupta’s report and I am not sure what the big deal was the way Moore said his name except to be condescending. Dr. Gupta has a better grasp of health care than Michael Moore. I also know that the socialized medicine we have now is not efficient and it costs more than private industry.

    As for the 4 hour erections. Listen to the commercial. They do not promise one, they say it is a potentially harmful side effect of the drug. These do, by the way, happen (though not frequently) and they happen without drugs, usually as the result of a lower back traumatic injury.

    If Cuba’s health care system is so great, why did they fly a special doctor in to care for Castro? Socialized medicine never works and it financially straps countries.

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    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often….

  4. Jan says:

    I don’t really understand this weird fear of socialized medicine.

    Did you see the film? Do you really want your insurance company deciding whether you should have one finger lost because saving it hurts their bottom line?!!?

    And, if their bottom lines were struggling, I might actually have some sympathy. But do those of you who simply repeat the talking points about “socialized medicine” realize that health insurance companies made the largest profits in their history in the last few years?

    So, I just don’t get why ordinary Americans would trade one of their fingers to stick up for corporations that are completely screwing you over!
    Fact: As Americans, we spend BY FAR the most money of ANY country in the world. And we are #37 on the list of good health care, while Cuba is #39.
    Yeah, we have viagra.
    But Cubans have all five fingers on their hand.

    Please, don’t be stupid.
    The insurance companies are absolutely screwing you…

    Think about it.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Well Jan, perhaps I look at it from a different perspective. Having helped reattach many fingers, toes, ears, and a penis (don’t ask) I have never been told that we could not do it because the insurance company said so. Fact is, emergency care is dictated by doctors. The only times we did not reattch something is when it could not be reattached.

    The reason health care is so expensive is because of litigation and because states and the federal government mandate that items be part of health care packages. It makes no sense to have to pay for aroma therapy if you do not use it. It makes no sense to force people to pay for abortion services or OB if they will never use those services. A woman past her child bearing years (or if either of a couple has been surgically sterilized) then they should not have to pay for those packages.

    There should be a basic package and then people can add to it and pay more for the added services. People should be able to band together to pay lower rates. These are the things that we need to do.

    As for socialized medicine, we have it in Medicare and Medicaid and they are expensive and bloated. Think of Walter Reed. The care the soldiers get is great, the government bureaucracy is what causes the problems, and these are the people you want in charge of your health care. We will have more like Walter Reed and Medicare/Medicaid if the government is involved.

    And what guarantee do we have they will not spend the money the take from us in taxes (and they will take a lot) to pay for other things. Socialized medicine does not work.

    Cubans have all their fingers, right. I am sure there are many who have terrible injuries that were not taken care of. Why did Castro have a special doctor flown in?


    When Castro required medical treatment why did they call in DOCTOR From Europe?
    Free health care, Welfare state? i live in one and like most am sick to death of being behind a load of immigrants when needing treatment.
    Free? ask any Brit how free it is!
    Our NHS has become a curse on our pockets, we treat a terrorist that set himself alight in an attempt to bomb the airport.£5000 a day yet a man going blind requirs £2.50 a day treatment to save his sight refused!
    Now tell me about health care.
    Welfare we spend 35 billion pounds a year on unemployment benefits yet bring in immigrants to work!
    every pound we earn over half goes back to support scum slealth taxes to cover this thiefing governments agenda.