Michael Moore Disgraces American War Dead

Just when I thought I had seen it all. I posted recently about the moveon.org commercial where an American soldier is shown in a position of surrender. I was of the mind that they could not get any lower. I must have been out to lunch because the blowhard Michael Moore has a cartoon posted at his web site that shows elephants making fun of republican ads about Kerry’s windsurfing over the body of a dead American soldier. I posted the picture at my web site.
I have known for some time that Michael Moore was an anti American pig and that he hates everything conservatives stand for. I have always been of the mind that he is entitled to his opinion. Unfortunately, he has used his position in the elitist entertainment industry to display his lies and “opinions” in an effort to influence the election. His movie was nothing more than a full length ad for the democrats and now, this pig has posted a picture denigrating the war dead.
How dare that kool-aid drinking, elitist jerk pig disgrace our wonderful military and those who have paid the ultimate price? How can he disgrace those who have given him the right to free speech?
Michael Moore, you have disgraced our military and our war dead. Perhaps we should put you on a plane to Iraq to see the troops. You could wear a shirt with this cartoon on it. I’ll bet you don’t get to leave with that shirt, if you get to leave at all. You are a low life and I am now convinced that only stupid people and morons give credence to what you say.

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