Michael Jackson’s Freak Show

Michael Jackson’s lawyer said that he planned to call a star studded list of witnesses in his client’s defense. The list includes Kobe Bryant, Elizabeth Taylor and Jay Leno. Perhaps it is me but calling a rapist as a character witness in a child sexual molestation trial does not seem like a smart thing to do. But hey, I’m not a lawyer. Maybe the dolts who get starry eyed around famous people will overlook this character flaw and help old Jacko out.

In part of the story an interesting thing is revealed:

Legal experts say prosecutors will look for jurors who are older, conservative, less taken with celebrity, willing to accept authority and appalled by child molestation.

Jackson’s attorneys may look for more liberal jurors who have advanced degrees and are critical thinkers who question authority.

Prosecutors look for conservatives and defense attorneys look for liberals with advanced degrees (like they actually know how to use them to figure right from wrong).
Prosecutors want people who accept authority and are apalled by child molestation, so they pick conservatives.
The defense wants critical thinkers (read will ignore bad behavior) who question authority so they pick liberals.

Funny how they don’t say liberals would be appalled by child molestation. Their insinuation, not mine.

Sit back folks. It is going to be a freak show to top all freak shows. A rapist being a witness for a child molestor, conservative jurors for the prosecution and liberals for the defense. I might have to make some popcorn for this one.

Read the story here.

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6 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s Freak Show”

  1. Adam says:

    I thought it was “accused rapist” in the case of Bryant. Or is this like the prisoners “guilty” of being terrorists?

  2. Big Dog says:

    Adam, you are one of the critical thinkers they are looking for. Have you considered applying to be a juror?
    Did Bryant pay an amount as a settlement in a civil case. Seems like a back door admission of guilt.
    However, in the interest of fairness just change rapist to adulterer. Surly, that is not in question.

  3. Adam says:

    No, I’m afraid a settlement is not a “back door admission of guilt”. That doesn’t mean he isn’t guilty, just that he wants to get on with his life. Last time I checked though, adultery was not a crime.

  4. Schatz says:

    Actually, I’m not sure where you are from Adam but in many states Adultery is indeed considered a crime. The penalties are usually minimal (starting around $10 an offense) and the laws themselves are rarely enforced (because it would take an awful lot of valuable court time to subpeona all those interns and stuff) but it is still nonetheless a criminal act.

  5. Adam says:

    I guess you learn something new every day…

  6. Big Dog says:

    Adam is from Arkansas where adultery was made legal by former Governor Bill Clinton. Further legal precedence was established when The Arkansas Governor was elected to the White House and turned it in to a sex house.
    So you can excuse Adam for not knowing adultery is against the law because of his residence.
    I would submit though, that adultery is against God’s law. Adam told me he reads the Bible and considers himself a Christian. I think he would know that adultery is against God’s law but he chose not to mention it.
    Perhaps if Adam and his ilk were not so busy protesting to have the Ten Commandments removed from every location on Earth then the words “Thou shalt not commit adultery” would be common knowledge for them.