Michael Jackson; Anti Semite, Child Molester

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson was a hugely talented singer and dancer. He had a lot of hit songs and he invented dance moves that others still watch in bewilderment. Jackson was a very good entertainer until sometime after his Thriller album when he began to get very, very weird.

One almost feels pity for a person deprived of a childhood he longed so much for. He bought a house and made an amusement park out of the property. He looked like a person who never grew up and this is probably why he loved to be around children.

But Jackson had a dark side and it was not pretty. He was mentally disturbed and those around him were enablers who allowed him to fall further and further into instability. He was a great singer but he died a pathetic, worn out shell of a human. He must have disliked his life and who he was because he spent so much money on physically changing himself.

Jackson has been receiving all kinds of accolades from the people around the world. The very people who distanced themselves from the weird guy of late are out in droves to discuss what a great guy he was. He did give a lot to charity and he did try to do good things but he was no saint.

Jackson was an anti Semite. He wrote and performed a song that has the lyrics:

“Jew me, sue me

Everybody do me

Kick me, kike me

Don’t you black or white me”

He somehow escaped serious problems after this song though many were upset. Jackson said he would redo the song with the words changed but he did not. He evidently hated Jews. Then again, maybe he hated blacks the way he kept trying to get whiter.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are out with their tributes (anything for face time) but since they are both anti Semites it is not surprising that they would embrace Michael’s life.

Jackson also had several problems with accusations of child molestation. The alleged incidents involved young boys and Jackson ended up spending millions to pay them and their families off. When he actually went to trial it was a media circus and the thing that saved him was the inconsistency of the stories of the accuser and his mother. That does not mean Jackson was innocent.

He served children alcohol and allowed them to sleep in his bed. This is disturbing and strengthens the argument of his deteriorating mental health.

While I freely admit that Jackson was a talented artist I cannot see how people can forget what his life was and the bad things he did. He was no hero, he was no idol, he was no role model. He was a troubled soul who hated Jews and molested children.

If it had been my son Jackson would have died at a much younger age and the cause of death would have been something close to lead poisoning.

Michael Jackson was a tortured, twisted soul who lived a dark and dirty life (particularly later on) where the good he did was overshadowed by his hatred for Jews and his “love” for little boys. Those who are raising him to the level of sainthood ignore his serious flaws and leave the message that it is OK to do horrible things if you are famous and talented.

Jackson’s death overshadowed the death of Farah Fawcett earlier in the day. I read that Fawcett died and went to Heaven. The Lord asked her what she wanted and she said that she wanted the world to be safer for children.

Jackson died later that day.

I hope his tortured soul finds peace in the afterlife but I will not be celebrating his life or mourning his death. Aside from his artistic talent, I see nothing special about him.

Big Dog

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27 Responses to “Michael Jackson; Anti Semite, Child Molester”

  1. Blake says:

    Michael Jackson was never a musician I cared much for- after my time I guess- He definitely exceeded the limit on the weirdness scale, though.
    At any given time, there are around 300 serial killers in the US- wonder if the FBI has ever estimated how many child abusers (pedophiles) there are, and if the incidence has been growing as fear it has been.
    I think the publicity around MJ caused pedophilia to be “chic”, if wrong. If so, he has some ‘splaining to do to God.

  2. FairestWitness says:

    Big Dog, who knows the real truth behind the bizarre personal life of Michael Jackson. He was never convicted of child molestation. His associations and inviting children into his bed was totally inappropriate behavior for a grown man. It matters not if he actually sexually molested those young boys, he emotionally scarred them by placing them in awkward, unhealthy situations. For that he is guilty of child abuse.

    Michael Jackson says he was just being childlike and playing innocently with them because he was robbed of his own childhood. Talk about selfish and self-centered. He used innocent, vulnerable youngsters for his own needs, regardless of theirs.

    I didn’t know about his biased against Jews, which is repugnant. I believe his references were aimed at powerful businessmen, physicians and attorneys who he perceived had wronged him. Tommy Motolla, former head of Sony Music Entertainment & recording mogul, he referred to as the devil at a presser. What was that all about?

    Since his acquittal, MJ surrounded himself with Nation of Islam bodyguards and advisors, Louis Farrakhan’s group. Reportedly he was renting one of the homes they owned. I’d say his descent into madness was complete with this partnership. I know little about the promoter of his upcoming tour, but his death happened under very suspicious circumstances. The big insurance policy, he had to pass a rigorous physical examination to qualify for, is a major motive for murder(via accidental overdose, perhaps?).

    This story is just getting started, Big Dog. We may as well gird our loins, because this is going to go on for years.

  3. Greg Robie says:

    Thanks for the link, I may even know the Rabbi if it is Hershel. Is even the blogosphere a small world—and a linkage of conservatives with liberals and visa versa (and, as such, systemically make these linguistic differentiations an oxymoron)?

    Anyway, I feel a comment I left at Rabbi Jaffe’s blog is germane to this post (see http://rabbijaffe.today.com/2009/06/26/michael-jackson-jew-me-kike-me-video/#comment-69 ).

    BTW, check out this video version of “They Don’t Really Care About Us” set in the barrios of Rio (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpt1Yx3NzyI ). As the other comments posted to the Rabbi’s blog suggests, Rabbi Jaffe’s latent hate and fear may have feed into a misleading—and thereby less than relevant (beyond exposing this hate and fear)—blog entry.

  4. Dukehoopsfan says:

    I suppose that the members of congress who participated in the “moment of silence” to honor a racist pedophile felt that it was better than actually reading any of the bills upon which they are voting.

    Priorities? Decency? I think not.

  5. Matt says:

    You people are retarded…LOL. Nothing else to do, so let’s b!tch about a dead Michael Jackson. Get a life and grow up.

  6. Snowdog99 says:

    Bravo Big Dog. I do believe you’ve said in a few concise words, exactly what should be said about Mr. Jackson. Talented – yes, but so what? Everyone thought Ted Bundy was a great guy until they discovered his darkside.

  7. Jake says:

    I agree Big Dog. If the crimes against humanity for which he was accused were indeed true, he should have been marched to the edge of town and stoned a long time ago.

  8. Bill says:

    Strange man and even stranger circumstances. Seems to me the parents of those children who slept in the same bed with an adult Michael Jackson, needed to have their heads examined.It almost indicates to me that the parents precipitated and enabled the events that Jackson was later charged with, and it makes me also wonder if they didn’t do this so they could sue Jackson later.

    Consider the facts that you had a very eccentric and neurotic human being who had already been associated with a suspected inappropriate case with an under-aged minor back in 1993. Yet this didn’t seem to deter parents from allowing those ridiculous sleep- overs with an adult.If those people who are barking the loudest now about how much love and concern they had for Michael Jackson would have cared to get him to a good psychologist twenty years ago the man just might be still alive today.

    • Blake says:

      All of his enablers should be charged for bad advice, or giving him pills, or just not having the guts to tell MJ no-
      The same situation exists with respect to politician’s aides-often they are the pol’s enablers, and yes- men, when they should be able to say no to these people.

  9. Lorraine says:

    Big Dog, you are the only sane voice out there about MJ. I remember liking his music in the 80s-who didn’t. But once I found out how he neglected his animals outside while allegedly molesting boys inside, I had no use for him. Yuck. It’s like these women who stay with a batterer because he brings them flowers once a week. Bad analogy, but the press and fans are stupid to mourne for him. Remember what the Bible says about harming children-you should wish instead that a millstone be tied around your neck and be thrown into the sea. . . and in God’s eternity, that’s a pretty long time. Shame on the equally guilty parents who pimped their boys in my opinion. America has already gone to hell in a handbasket.

  10. Blake says:

    As Hillary might have paraphrased it, ” It takes a village to kill Michael Jackson.” The system of idolatry and hero worship seems to demand more and bigger things including bad attitudes and habits- these people who live in the fishbowl think this is what is needed, and the entourage never says no.

  11. Jo Se K says:

    He committed suicide right after the news of Farrah Fawcett’s death was in the media.Why?To be put in her category and overshadow her with shocking the world twice thus making it more effective for him to gain preservation of legacy.He cheated on his time to leave this life and the day Harlem was honoring him a cloud formation shaped itself of Michael Jackson.He is with the dark side.Pray for him.He does not know what he got into.The video, “Thriller” moved him into the spiritual process of wanting life after death.The 9/11 photos after the towers collapsed showed ominous faces in the clouds thus indicating evil shows itself in storm clouds.God’s light shines through clouds.Michael Jackson’s legacy is backfiring on him with the motivation to shadow his incredible talents with the child molestation and drug abuse.He played with God but doesn’t realize it until probably now by knowing he is in the dark.His mass popularity could be used as a tool for the devil to deceive people in the future by using the familiar spirit of Michael to recruit others.

  12. Now for the next six months we are going to see the family, and some outsiders fight over the estate. He never liked the rest of his family and really shut them out, as he knew that all they wanted was their hands in his
    wallet. His father Joe will be the biggest pig rooting for as much as he can get…

  13. Harold says:

    Let’s imagine you had a neighbor. He was a single father with his own kids. He decided to take a special interest in your child. He started talking to him on the phone for hours. He wanted to take him alone on vacations.–
    Okay, lets stop right there. This neighbor has a problem, but wait it continues.–He starts giving your child lavish gifts. He has pornographic magazines and books with pictures of nude boys in his bedroom. — Woah, wait. This man must be some kind of pervert right? That’s not all though.— He starts having sleepovers with your boy. He starts serving him alcohol. He sleeps with him in the same bed for a couple of months straight. — Well, first off you are an unfit parent for letting your child into this situation. Second, these are all things Michael Jackson did, yet for some reason is defended tooth and nail by deluded apologists. – MJ – good riddance

  14. goyfire says:

    “He somehow escaped serious problems after this song though many were upset”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Serious trouble.
    You people are so full of yourselves. You are psychopaths.

  15. Linda says:

    Seriously, find something else to write about, if you really can’t come up with better writing topics, STOP writing because you’re NO good. Let him go already, he’s DEAD, how is YOUR article going to affect the world the way his music did? It’s impossible, so stop taking advantage of his death and seek attention elsewhere.

  16. terissa says:

    How about the actual lyrics as listed;

    Beat me, hate me
    You can never break me
    Will me, thrill me
    You can never kill me
    Do me, Sue me
    Everybody do me
    Kick me, strike me
    Don’t you black or white me

    The need to create more controvesry in a life riddle with controversy speaks of small minds and empty souls

    • Big Dog says:

      The actual lyrics are what I wrote. The ones you cite are the lyrics he changed it to after the controversy.

      Small minds are the ones who do not pay attention.

      • Big Dog Small Mind says:

        Big Dog: if you think you have an intelligent and “big” mind, then you wouldn’t be using MJ’s fame and try to thrive at your meager attempts to become a famous blogger. Before or after the controversy, it’s a song, not a testimony.

        For people who wrote negative comments towards MJ, I post one question: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU READING THIS THEN IF YOU HATE HIM SO MUCH? Grow up, get a life, and pay respect, dream your own dream rather than wasting your life on someone you don’t even like, you’re only contradicting your own consciousness. I’m so tired of hypocrites who keep putting Michael Jackson down, he’s dead! His fans have collectively stirred a global wave that no force can pull back. Put yourself in his shoes for once, but wait, never mind, you won’t even fit in his shoes…none of you will EVER achieve something that is in the least bit comparable to Michael Jackson’s accomplishments in life, and what he had to endure his whole life is a story that no one owns the right to tell.

        • Big Dog says:

          You are right, I will never fit in his shoes because I cannot sing or dance.

          Oh, and I will not overdose on drugs or molest little boys either. And I will not be so far in debt I need other people to pay for my lifestyle. My children have my DNA, unlike his.

          The average every day people are the true heroes. Those who have little but still give.

          Michael changed sometime after Thriller and he got extremely weird. To make such a big deal out of his death is cultish.

          I am glad the funeral is over so I don’t have to hear about him every 2 minutes.

        • Linda says:

          You’re contradicting yourself again. If you don’t want to hear about him every 2 minutes then you shouldn’t have written an article about him right after he died.