Michael Crook Whines Again

I went back to Crooks homepage to see if he had posted anything new. He is now claiming that he was nervous and caught off guard by Hannity and Colmes. On the show he admitted to Hannity that the troops were the reason he had freedom of speech. Now he is backpedaling. That happens after a person has been slapped around. When they come to their senses (a stretch for this piece of excrement) they rationalize and twist things around. Here is how he addressed his admission:

I did not mean in any way to imply that they were correct in saying the troops are the reason I have freedom of speech, because they don’t. My taxes give me that right; screw the troops.

Michael also said this:

…they didn’t bring me on to be fair, they brought me on to make me look like a jerk…

Michael, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if your taxes give you the right to free speech I am sure you spent up your allotment and you do just fine making yourself look like a jerk without any help from Hannity, Colmes, or anyone else. You go on in your post to claim they are right about one thing and that is that you are heartless and cruel and then you claim to be proud of it. I do not think you are heartless, tough, and I don’t think you could have gotten more aggressive. I think you are a cruel. boorish, uneducated, spoiled, little twit who was brought up improperly by a parent or parents who did not care about you or were too stupid to know the proper way to raise a child. You are genuinely a coward who is big bad and tough when you are hiding behind a computer in relative safety. When you are out in the open you become a scared little twit unsure of how to take care of yourself.

I would not threaten you or wish you any ill will because you are entitled to say what you want no matter how terrible it is. I will say that you have had many offers to meet with the people you criticize as not being tough, being stupid and being lazy. I notice you dismiss those opportunities and call these people names. Perhaps you are just a coward with nothing better to do.

I have wondered, you cry about taxes being wasted on the military. Do you even pay enough in taxes to provide the salary of a private? How much taxpayer money paid for any part of your life. Taxpayer money spent in a way that is not specifically spelled out in the Constitution. Unlike, say the military. I don’t know you (thank God). I am just wondering.

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3 Responses to “Michael Crook Whines Again”

  1. Kelt says:

    Well said. But I personally believe freedom requires more than just troops.

  2. Big Dog says:

    You will not get an argument from me. Freedom requires people be given the opportunity to live freely. The troops are one piece of the puzzle. People have to have the desire and they have to express themselves. Look at the Iraqis!

  3. Caitlin says:

    You wrote this awhile ago, but I just want to say that I’m really happy you feel this way. I read Crook’s website, and it killed me that people were so stupid. My boyfriend’s in the military. So thank you.