Michael Crook Is Selling Forsake The Troops

I ventured over to Crook’s site to see what he had to say today. He had a little tribute to Eddie Albert the actor known mostly for his portrayal of Oliver Douglas on the show Green Acres. Crook says a bunch of nice things about Albert. I wonder if Michael Crook realizes that Albert served in the Navy in WWII. That would make him one of those military types that Crook hates.

I have been thinking about this maggot since I saw him get beat like a rented mule on Hannity and Colmes. I read a bit about him. He hates the military. He belongs to a whites group he equates to the white version of the NAACP but others have described as supremacist in nature. He stirs up controversy to get publicity so he can sell web hosting packages. I can not imagine why anyone who would buy something from him. He “found” a service members camera at a pro football game and offered to return it for $1000. Strangely, the Philadelphia police called him and he gave them the camera. Possibly he took the camera, rather than found it. Just my thoughts on it. He also faked his own death. The “report” claimed he was beaten to death by 2 members of the military. I thought all along he was probably a publicity seeker who was trying to get attention just to make money.

Well guess what? His forsakethetroops domains are for sale! They are on ebay. Here is what the little description reads:

The domains forsakethetroops.info and citizensagainstthetroops.org are available for immediate transfer upon reciept of funds. Paypal accepted. At its peak, forsakethetroops.info got 270,000 hits per day. Both domains are current in registration until 2006. Both domain names have at one point or another been mentioned on several national media outlets, and are mentioned on numerous blogs and message boards, creating a wonderful opportunity for link farms and other sales opportunities.

Here it is folks. Crook has trumped up the name and now he is trying to hawk it on ebay. His starting bid is $150. As you know, you can get a about 10 domain names for that. And you would not be getting domains so hated by everyone. I find it interesting that a domain that had 270k hits per day has not had an offer in 4 hours on ebay. 253 people have looked. Probably just curious like me. We will see. Some group will probably buy it to shut him up but it won’t work. He will just start up again with a new domain.

Well, I thought this was what he was up to. He is nothing more than a twisted, money hungry, idiot who is self-centered and absorbed in his own little world of hatred and meanness. He is not worth the value if the chemicals of which his body is comprised. That is why Big Dog says “Piss on him.” And if you look left you will see I am doing just that.

Great blog post about Crook from a soldier

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