Michael Crook Is A Misinformed Idiot

I watched Hannity and Colmes this evening and they had this pimply faced twit on the program because he writes bad things about our military at a web site entitled forsakethetroops. This jackass is a self absorbed idiot who believes that people in the military are paid too much because they volunteered to be human targets. If they die their families should pay for their funerals. He believes that we waste too much taxpayer money on troops who do not earn the money. I guess this dipstick probably works real hard in his cushy world where he is relatively safe. He has obviously never served in the military because he would realize that when you day starts at 0430 with a 5 mile run and ends around 2000 that you indeed earned your pay. He is probably not aware that it is called the profession of arms because it is a profession. You see any idiot can write stuff on a blog (hell I do that) but I would bet this twit would not last a week at basic training doing “nothing” with real men and women who have a purpose in life. Here are some of the things that this phallically challenged twit had to say:

Our underlying problem is this: the military is a lifestyle these morons chose. What idiot risks their life for a country? It’s what they chose. Hopefully, they knew in their hearts this is abusing taxpayers’ money, and they enlisted anyway. So…Forsake our Troops! Let ’em die in combat– we don’t need their ilk in this country!
U.S. Soldier= Poster child for retroactive abortion
In other words, they make out like bandits for very little to no work. They may as well be on welfare.
Service members get health insurance by way of a plan called Tricare, which has been in effect since March of 1995, replacing the former plan, called CHAMPUS.

This jackass should get his facts straight. First of all, most of our founding fathers risked their lives for this country. There are many people who risk their lives and they are not morons, they are patriots. They are the people who give twits like this the freedom to express these twisted views. I will ask the question another way. What kind of person would not fight for his country. A pussy.
You definitely need the military here or jackasses like you would not have freedom. You would live in tyranny. You are in New York. Perhaps if your family had been in the WTC on 9/11 you might appreciate the military.
Us Soldier=HERO. Michael Crook=Afterbirth. You are a prime example of why some animals eat their young.

I would like to see you work with a military unit for one month. I am willing to bet you would quit after a week because the work is too hard. You would probably pass out from the physical fitness requirements. The women would make you look sick. I am willing to bet that our troops that come back missing limbs could outwork you on any given day. If you ever want to test the theory let me know and I will see what I can do about getting you in on a field exercise for 2 weeks. We will send you home broken and battered.
Tricare is the HMO Hillary Clinton gave the military. It is not that good. Get your facts straight. CHAMPUS did not cover soldiers. CHAMPUS did not apply to soldiers.

Hannity and Colmes worked Crook over pretty good because this dumb ass contradicted himself and he continued to disrespect the troops. Hannity was disgusted with him and called him some names. I usually disagree with Colmes but he was on Crook the whole time. Funny thing is, Crook likes to really bash the soldiers but he is crying like a little puss because of the way he was treated on the show. Here is the post he put up right after he got off the show:

Tonight I appeared on the show Hannity and Colmes.

What a couple of ignorant, rude jerks. For once, I tried to address the e-mails that I get, and at least try to bring facts. I tried to raise the issues with salaries/benefits, and the entire compensation package, but they both interrupted me, calling me “heartless” and “cruel”, among other things.

They wouldn’t even let me get much of a word in edgewise; I had to force the proper name of the site into the conversation.

I was very disappointed that these two wouldn’t even give me a chance to speak my side. I think that this interview was meant to be nothing more than an “attack that evil bastard with the mean site” interview, as opposed to having anything to do with facts.

Of course, considering who these two pricks are, I’m not a bit surprised. People want to e-mail me with childish insults about my appearance, but Colmes is the one who looks like a diseased little fag who’s dying of AIDS. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hannity sucks him off during commercial breaks.

These two make me sick, and they have no interest in facts. Of course, it’s Fox News Channel, so I’m not complaining..just observing.

All in all though, I’m glad I got a chance to at least try to get my side out. Maybe a credible journalist would let me do an interview in a fair forum, where both sides can be aired.

Anyway, I’m happy with it, insult all you losers like.

This jackass calling Hannity and Colmes rude jerks is like Hitler calling Hussein a murderer. He then calls Colmes a disparaging name and suggests that Hannity engages in lewd sex acts with him. I’ll bet this twit’s mommy is real proud of him. I’ll bet his daddy, if he knows who his daddy is, is real proud that his son is a little pimply faced puss.

You can read his site here

Look at his picture on his site and ask yourself how long he would last under these conditions:

This jackass is entitled to say the things he does because the great men and women in our armed forces protect his right to do so. It is interesting that he says that people in the military could not get jobs elsewhere. He laments for us losers to insult all we want. I think I have done that rather nicely. Interesting he felt the need to give permission given how he has insulted our troops and the hosts of the show he was on. It is also interesting to note that many military lead very successful lives during and after their service. We all work pretty hard. We don’t have lame jobs like, say, freelance journalist. Yeah, that is a job where you work harder than folks in the military.

I tried to contact this jackass. He does not appear to have a way of contacting him. It seems he got tired of getting bad comments so he replaced his contact us with “Awwww…looking to insult and berate us? Go elsewhere. Free speech only goes so far.” I guess if free speech only goes so far he should be off the internet by now. His time is up. I wanted to trackback to the jackass but I can’t do that either so if anyone knows how to contact him let him know he can read this great post here.

UPDATE: I found a contact form so I posted a link to this site. It is only fair to inform the jackass.
His homepage is here

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2 Responses to “Michael Crook Is A Misinformed Idiot”

  1. Kelt says:

    I don’t like this Crook guy, he seems evil.

    But it makes me wonder… don’t most people go into the military for the benefits, money, education, and etc? How many people actually only join primarly because they want to defend our country; that seems to only come up when someone is throwing around patrotic statements. Maybe I’m wrong…. *shrugs*

    I got friends going into the military, and I know others already in the military. They all joined because they can’t find good enough jobs in America to support themselves – and they don’t have high enough ACT scores to get some college funding.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Well, having spent 24 years in the Army I can tell you that you don’t get rich. I can remember days when there was 2 days of food in the house and 5 days til pay day. I know a great deal of people who joined to serve their country. They were enticed by the benefits but they joined to serve. Defend is one aspect of serving. If we are not at war then it is service. That service keeps us safe and free.
    As for education, how much of that do you think a person gets to enjoy when he spends half his time in the field? I took 2 classes in 10 years and had to make up time because of the field. It is not that I did not want to go to class, just that my mission came first.
    I’ve got news for your friends. If they could not find good enough jobs in the civilian world to make ends meet the military will not help. The pay is low and the work is hard. You can earn pretty good money when you get promoted but that does not happen over night. They will also have to stay in shape and keep their weight at or below the regulation.
    The military is a great experience and I would not change my time in it for anything. Most people join to serve but there are those who are in the PVT Benjamin mentality. That will change quickly and they will adapt.