Michael Brown Is Right

It has been several weeks since hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf. In case you did not know it from the coverage, more areas than New Orleans were affected. When the storm hit there was a lot of finger pointing and most of them pointed up. Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco accused the Administration of all kinds of incompetence. That has eased a bit, mostly because they do not want to tick off the guy with the checkbook. Michael Brown, the former FEMA director was up on Capitol Hill today discussing the response with politicians who do not know what they are talking about. Some of them, mostly republicans because the democrats boycotted (are we paying them to boycott?) were accusing him and questioning his ability. Of course they were all concerned as to why FEMA did not rush in and make things better.

Several things were discussed by Brown. He said that media reports of looting, rape, and murder kept them out of the Superdome. He pointed out that FEMA is not a law enforcement agency and they do not have guns. He also pointed out that his biggest failure was not recognizing that Louisiana was dysfunctional. He pretty much had it right in that the state and local officials dropped the ball and expected Brown and FEMA to rush in and recover. Here is what Brown told law makers:

He pushed Brown on what he and the agency he led should have done to evacuate New Orleans, restore order in the city and improve communication among law enforcement agencies.

Brown said: “Those are not FEMA roles. FEMA doesn’t evacuate communities. FEMA does not do law enforcement. FEMA does not do communications.”

There you have it. Politicians who do not know what FEMA is and is not supposed to do. They are good at accusing people of not doing their jobs, they just don’t quite know what those jobs are. These hearings also brought out another thing. FEMA did not go in where there was reported violence. Reports that have not been proven true. The MSM ran with stories of rape and murder and this prevented help from getting there earlier. They were too busy trying to one up each other to actually find out what was going on.

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  1. Ousted FEMA chief points finger, gets hand slapped

    A combative Michael Brown blamed the Louisiana governor, the New Orleans mayor and the Bush White Ho

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