Mexico’s Ironic Position on Border Incursions

The Mexican Congress, position near their symbol of freedom; the Taco Bell, has condemned the crossing of its border by US workers who are erecting a wall to keep Mexicans from crossing into our country. Mexico claims that US workers and their equipment crossed over the border and violated their turf. Mexico is outraged that some US workers allegedly violated their precious land. With millions of Mexicans crossing OUR border every year and with some 11-20 million of them living here ILLEGALLY, it smacks just a bit hypocritical for them to complain.

You see Mexico, there is a big difference between the incursion you are complaining about and what your citizens do on a regular basis. That difference is that the Americans went back into their own country. I guess to the Mexican government, their people crossing our border and staying here ILLEGALLY is perfectly OK, in fact they have said as much, but when a few of our workers cross over while doing their jobs but then return back to their own country, it is a travesty. If the Mexican government watched the border and was a diligent at keeping its people home where they belong there would not be any workers on our border to begin with.

What the Mexican government seems to be missing here is that we are building the wall because Mexico can not, or more accurately, will not keep its citizens at home. Mexico sanctions its people breaking our laws and taking up roots here in America. What we need is for our President to tell them to shut the hell up. We need Bush to tell them to worry about their own people and there will be no problems. But Bush will not do that because he is in favor of granting these ILLEGALS amnesty and allowing them to become citizens of the country whose laws they so blatantly, and with the help of their government, violated.

I have an idea for border security that is sure to work and will piss of Mexico even more. Put a bunch of good ole boy hunters from the South down on the border and tell them it is open season on Mexicans who are crossing our border and that there is no limit on the number they may bag. That will decrease the number of incursion taking place and it will surely solve a problem that our own government is unwilling to do, despite their Constitutional obligation.

Remember, it is an incursion if a person building a wall that keeps Mexicans out crosses into Mexico but it is only someone looking for a better life if people from Mexico come here ILLEGALLY. It all depends upon whose ox is being gored.

BBC News

ADDENDUM: Fox News is reporting the man who abducted a Florida teen is believed to be an ILLEGAL who has been deported from the US before. How many Americans have crossed Mexico’s border and abducted its citizens? Clean up your own house, Mexico.

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3 Responses to “Mexico’s Ironic Position on Border Incursions”

  1. The Mexican Congress is offended, no less!


  2. bj1boo says:

    Big Dog , You said a mouthful! Somebody needs to do this.. Ive thought this for a long time..Our government is kow towing to the Mexican govenrment…I cannot believe they are doing this..Theres lots of thimgs going on in our government I cant believe , but… its happening, mores the shame to us all. Thanks for telling it like it should be! bj1

  3. Virginia says:

    I think that is the best idea I have heard yet. Bet that would send a message real fast.